LinkedIn is social media for professionals. It is a business and employment related platform used for professionals networking and career development. It is the world’s largest network for professionals to form business relationships and recruiting best talents.

There are many interesting facts about LinkedIn you probably didn’t know.


1)     LinkedIn has more than 800 million members spreading across 200 countries! That is why LinkedIn is known as the largest network for professionals who come together to network for business and career purposes.


2)     It is estimated that every second, 2 new members join LinkedIn to network. LinkedIn is continuously evolving over the years and has seen continuous growth in members.


3)     More than 30 million companies are on LinkedIn! This is a massive number. It is a huge opportunity for the users to network with such professionals and use the opportunity for career development under their large business network.


4)     According to the statistics, it is estimated that more than 41% millionaires use LinkedIn.

5)     Tech giant Microsoft owned LinkedIn in 2016 with $26 billion. Ever since Microsoft acquired it, LinkedIn has grown tremendously and within a year after acquisition, LinkedIn grew over 500 million members.


6)     Have you ever wondered why the LinkedIn logo is just IN? It’s because LinkedIn is a big word and they wanted to make the logo short.


7)     The USA has the highest number of LinkedIn members. Americans use LinkedIn more than others, especially college students who have seen networking with LinkedIn for internships.


8)     LinkedIn is a perfect place for B2B relations and it is estimated that more than 80% of leads are generated on LinkedIn. According to statistics LinkedIn drives 46% traffic to B2B networks, making it the most credible source of networking with professionals.


9)     LinkedIn is full of trusted job opportunities. 87% recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit talented and professional employees in their company. In fact 122 million people received an interview with LinkedIn!


10)  Ever since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn it brought many changes in content for users to navigate smoothly. One such is Calendar Chatbot which syncs the calendar of two LinkedIn users so that they can meet. This made LinkedIn like your own personal manager! Calendar Chatbot makes it easy to interact with people who live in different time zones.


LinkedIn is a platform full of opportunities if you want to look for career development and interact with businesses to make professional relationships. It is easier to connect and talk about the business world. That’s what makes LinkedIn different from other social media platforms that it is the social media network for professionals.

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