Gaming is a large, heavily saturated niche on YouTube. You can make your videos stand out from the rest with the way you promote them.

Here are five things every gamer can do to promote their channel.

Post often in gaming forums.

To reach more potential viewers, connect with them on platforms outside of YouTube where you can all express your shared passion for gaming. You can tweet about the games you’re playing or post about them on Reddit.

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You can dive deeper by getting involved with forums specifically dedicated to the games you play on your channel. Make your username match your channel name.

Post about your videos as part of your experience with the game instead of as an advertisement. You can even link other users to videos you’ve made that answer specific questions they have.

Play the newest games as soon as they’re released.

To get more views on your videos, be among the first to play the games everyone’s going to be searching for. When you start to see a lot of hype around a new game you’re excited to play, too, preorder it as early as you can. As soon as the game comes in, start recording your playthrough so you can upload it quickly.

Alternatively, if you have a moderately sized audience, you may be able to reach out to game companies and app developers for early access. Approach these conversations as sponsorship proposals. For example, you may suggest that in return for early access to a new mobile game, you’ll run a contest with your fans to see who can reach the highest score in a week.

Play against fans.

Plenty of popular games connect players from all over the world, whether they’re competing or working together for the win. This style of the game offers vloggers the unique opportunity to play against their fans. Not all vloggers can feature their fans in videos as easily as gamers can.

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Decide what game, what day, and what time you want to play against your fans. Let your audience know the details well in advance so that you’ll have as much participation as possible.

Go live.

Many gaming vloggers built their massive audiences through live streaming. Not only does it attract new viewers, but live streaming also enables you to make more money by enabling Super Chat.

For a successful live stream, play a popular game with mass appeal. Engage with your viewers by responding to what they post in the chat. Encourage them to subscribe to your channel so they don’t miss your next stream.

Mix in more lifestyle content as well.

Finally, the draw more viewers to your gaming channel, mix in a bit of content that showcases a different side of your personality. Oftentimes, viewers become subscribers because they enjoy watching the creator, not just the content they create.

Promoting your gaming channel is all about connecting with people who love the same games you do. Get involved with gaming forums, and go live with the next new game you buy.

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