The micro blogging social media platform twitter is widely used for sharing opinions and views. What makes it apart from other social media platforms is that twitter is a chatty platform where people love to talk a lot. Expressing opinions about issues, sharing views and talking are among such. Twitter has more than 200 million daily active users.

Let is look at interesting facts about twitter


1. Hashtags were originated from twitter

Hashtag was first introduced by Chris Messina in 2007. Hashtags are an integral part of the social media world where other major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. use hashtags to reach a wider audience. A particular topic or theme is generated under one hashtag. All major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook incorporate hashtags.

It is interesting to know that a thing which is very popular now as a trend actually came in 2007.


2. Twitter’s bird logo name is Larry

Many twitter users might not know this but the bird in twitter logo is actually named as Larry T bird. It was inspired by basketball player Larry Bird. Twitter’s co-founder was a fan of the team Bolton Celtics for which Larry Bird played.


3. Most used hashtag in twitter

The most used hashtag ever in twitter was #Twitterbestfandom which generated more than 60 million tweets within an hour! The hashtag was used by K-pop fans for the Annual Soompi Award. The hashtag urged K-pop fans on twitter to use the hashtag to support their favorite bands like BTS and blackpink.

4. Barack Obama is the most followed on twitter

Ex US President Barack Obama is the most followed person on twitter with 130 million followers, followed by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.


5. Taylor swift is the most influential person on twitter.

Taylor swift is very popular in the music industry. She is among the top singers and songwriters in the world. Her songs reflect her personal experiences and inspire young people. She is always among the most talked about people on Twitter.

6. Twitter images get the most retweets

Even though twitter is a chatty platform where people express and talk opinions, it is the images that get the most retweets.


7. Approximately 6,000 tweets happen in one second on twitter.

8. The USA, India, Japan and UK have high concentrations of twitter users.


Twitter facts continue to go on. Twitter has always been a powerful social media platform to raise voice and make trends. It is interesting to know that many people raised their voice for and against a topic using twitter and it was heard by a large audience not only on twitter but also other social media sites.


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