The paid advertisement feature of Instagram has benefitted many creators and businesses around the world to spread the content and business. Launched in 2014, the Instagram paid advertisement managed to enable anyone to use the paid advertisement feature. Earlier the Instagram advertisement was limited to big companies but now from local cafes to beauty parlors, anyone can run a paid advertisement campaign on Instagram and grab the benefits of social media marketing.

The paid advertisement has helped especially the small business and it becomes important for them to run a paid advertisement campaign on Instagram because unlike the traditional methods of advertising which is very costly, the paid advertisement of Instagram helps you to run your advertisement campaign within your budget.

Instagram paid advertisement helps you to advertise your post as you want. Instagram has made it easier for the users to run paid advertisements with just a tap on ‘boost post’ on the down right side of your post.

The paid advertisement feature has introduced a number of flexible updates to customize your target audience as per your need. You cannot just randomly run your advertisement campaign on Instagram like traditional advertisements, where a lot of advertisement efforts are wasted in the wrong audience.

Instagram allows you to narrow down your customers. You can choose what age group of users can see your advertisement. You can choose whether only males or only females can view your post. You can choose a special category of people to view your advertisement which is according to the interest of the audience.


If you are a writer posting your poetries or quotes, you can choose a special category of audience who likes to explore writing contents. Instagram algorithm works in such a way that your advertisement reaches such an audience, whether they live in the USA or Australia. Same goes for restaurant owners. They can customize their advertisement to reach the local people or little far from them and they can also customize the advertisement to reach the audience who are food lovers, loves to explore new cuisines, food bloggers and much more.

 A food blogger can see your post from India and you live in London. A makeup lover can see the makeup artistry of a Turkish makeup artist sitting in Tokyo. Geographical location is just on your hand.

Similarly a makeup brand can choose only females to view her advertisement as the majority of buyers are females. This can reduce the wastage of advertisement to the wrong target audience who will just scroll up the paid advertisement post which will waste your budget.

Baby product items can customize their advertisement according to the age group of the majority of parents because advertising the baby products among teenagers will be a waste of effort. Hence targeting the right age audience is a must in achieving certain products.

Instagram paid advertisement is such a flexible feature to run the advertisement right in your budget. It is very necessary for the small business in today’s technological driven world to run the paid advertisement and survive in the market. Nothing is limited to Instagram paid advertisements. You can advertise how you want, where you want, when you want, to whom you want.

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