Social media addiction is a real thing. Just like any other addiction. When you tend to spend most of your time on social media while ignoring other productive activities, the addiction is taking a serious turn. Not only social media addiction makes you unproductive, but also leads to various mental health issues. Read  to know more about social media addiction.

We cannot totally get rid of social media, can we? Our work depends on it. But here’s how you can make sure not to indulge yourself too much into social media.


Get rid of unnecessary social media sites:

You must be on multiple social media sites right? Yes we all have not one or two but more than two social media presence. Every person who uses social media at least has two social media accounts. But that’s just the minimum number. Your friends and peers must be on many social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and so on. We all have this tendency to be around everywhere. To explore all the social media world as much as we can. From watching photos on Instagram to getting updates on Twitter, we are everywhere.

That’s where the major problem arises. Being involved in all social media that we can’t stop ourselves from checking them. We spend time there to interact and simply scroll the site. Cut your account from the platforms that are not necessary for you to be there. Being everywhere will make you want to check everything and waste more time.


Limit the screen time:

All the smartphones have the option to check the screen time spent on any apps in a day. In android, you can simply go to settings and search for digital wellbeing and you can see your highest screen time on apps. You can even set your desired screen time to limit yourself from overspending the time. Now many social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have in built settings to limit the screen time as per set by users.


Prioritize your personal life:

Making connections in social media is good but when you drift away from your personal life then it becomes a major issue. Many people give more time to online friends and connect with people of common interest that they don’t give time to real people around them. As a result, personal relationships hamper your mental health badly. Your real relationships should be your top priority that you must understand. Prioritize them first.


Turn off notifications:

Simply turning off the notifications will help a lot because most of the time you receive a notification that your friend messaged you, somebody replied to your comment, someone just posted a photo or story and you run to social media to check them. You can just turn off notification form a particular social media app and you won’t receive the notification. It will help you to reduce the social media addiction to some extent if you don’t receive the update.


Social media is not at all a bad thing. On the contrary it made life easier. Getting rid of any addiction is tough in the beginning, so is social media addiction. What you must understand is that social media addiction hampers your productivity.

You will face difficulty in the beginning to limit yourself from using social media but it is only good for you in the end. Use social media to the limit. Don’t over spend the time on social media.


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