Social media has become an important aspect of a student’s life. Though social media has made the lives of students much easier, many students spend the majority of their time on social media, raising many problems for them.


Social media has proved to cause a negative effect on academic performance of a student. The main concern that lies is concentration level and studies. Students get addicted to social media so much that they find difficulty in concentrating in the class as many students hideously use their phones in the class using social media. As a result their studies are hampered. Not only at school but even at home students spend their time on social media. They don’t study well, they don’t do other work, and as a result their productivity declines. Students become lazy and lethargic at such a young age. They procrastinate, delay the homework and concentrate where they don’t need to. Staring at the screen for a long time causes vision problems. Parents need to monitor where their children spend most time. Parents need to monitor the activity in such a way that they control but even give some freedom too because at a young age if parents control too much, they rebel.


Teaching students about healthy body image is very important nowadays as they resort to social media where they see ads about health, beauty tips and especially celebrities with perfect body and face and aspire to achieve those in unhealthy standards. They are not educated about the unhealthy standard and blindly follow what they see in social media. They suffer from many eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. They also develop a lack of self-worth and negative body image as they begin to compare themselves with others, leading to depression in many cases.


Social media is beneficial for so many reasons, if used rightly. Teenagers need to be taught not to overuse social media. Social media addiction is a real thing spreading fast. Parents have to make a bond with them and talk heart to heart. Make boundaries and build an environment where they are comfortable with you, trust you and share their feelings. Restricting them will make them rebels. Make boundaries in such a manner that they don’t feel imprisoned. Make a healthy environment where teenagers understand that their certain action will cause troubles for them only. It is good to be on social media, without ignoring academic performance.

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