A lot of creators use catchphrases in their intros, which can easily be monetized through merchandise. These signature sayings are also a powerful tool for channel branding. If you’re not using a catchphrase in your intro, then it’s time to start brainstorming.

Here’s how to coin a catchphrase for your videos.

Watch back a few of your recent videos and make note of any phrases you’ve repeated.

You may already have been using a catchphrase without noticing. While you may initially thing a catchphrase has to be clever or quirky, you can see by watching other vloggers that someone as inane as your upload schedule can become a catchphrase. To find these phrases, go back and rewatch some of your recent uploads. If there’s something you tend to say in every video, it just might have some merit as your catchphrase.

Check your comments and mentions for fan-favorite phrases.

Another good way to choose a catchphrase your fans will love is to let the audience decide for you. Check your video comments and your social media mentions for quotes that they’ve reposted or shared frequently. Any comments about needing something you said on a t-shirt are a good indicator.

Test out a few quick, fun options.

If you want to come up with something entirely new, then set aside an hour or so to brainstorm ideas. Go for a play on words, an alteration on a common saying, or a piece of advice you love. Make sure it relates to your content. For example if you were a beauty vlogger, then you might try, “Hello, my beautiful friends!” or “Hope you’re having a beautiful day!”.

Then, test out a few of your favorite options over the next few weeks. Use your comments to gauge how viewers are responding to each one. To make things easier, use the moderation tools in YouTube Studio to search your comments for those potential catchphrases.

A catchphrase is an effective branding tool for your channel. Use your video comments to help you choose a catchphrase your viewers will be quoting for years to come.

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