There are a lot of questions that new viewers ask upon seeing your channel for the first time. Who are you? What is your content about? Why should I subscribe? That’s where a YouTube channel trailer can help you out a ton. A channel trailer gives new viewers a quick impression of what to expect if they subscribe.

But, making a captivating channel trailer is easier said than done. A trailer that doesn’t engage its viewers will only make them click off sooner. Below are best practices to create a compelling YouTube channel trailer to help you reach the right audience and gain new subscribers.

1. Attract your target audience in first few seconds :

Assume your viewers know nothing about you or your channel. You want to quickly attract your audience by telling them what your channel is about and why you are qualified to speak about it. A great way to start your trailer is with a qualifying question, then a brief introduction about who you are and your experience. Here’s an example of how a fictional budget travel channel might start : 

“Are you looking for tips and hacks on how you can explore the world on a tight budget? My name is Angie. Over the past decade, I traveled to over 100 countries and every continent on the cheap. Through my channel, I share my adventures and tips and tricks to help you explore the world while saving you money.”

2. Use engaging captions, end screens to keep the audience till the end : 

Captions and text can help your video stand out a lot more. You can use these to make an immediate impact and capture viewers’ attention. This keeps them engaged throughout the duration of your YouTube channel trailer. You can also show social proofs or statistics you may have.

Great visuals will keep viewers watching, and great music will do well to compliment them. You might already know that music helps to set the tone and energy of your regular videos. Make sure to choose the music that best reflects your brand. Montages and short clips from previous videos also do well to express your persona to new viewers.

3. Show viewers what to expect from your channel : 

The best advice to follow is to “show, don’t tell.” While you can talk to viewers and give direct insight into what your channel is about, it might get a little boring. Sometimes, the best way to keep viewers’ attention is to jump right into clips from your channel.

By incorporating various shorts of your content, new viewers are better engaged. This makes them less likely to click off your channel. It works especially well for YouTubers that feel they have too much content. Instead, splice together clips from several videos to paint a picture of what you do on your channel.

4. Give them a reason to subscribe : 

Take a moment to provide the value proposition of your channel and describe the benefits of subscribing to your channel. This gives newer viewers a definite reason to subscribe. You can do this by letting your audience know what you offer and why they should join the community. Take our travel example featuring Angie:

“So, why should you subscribe to my channel? Whether you’re looking for a quick, affordable getaway or want to plan a cheap vacation the entire family can enjoy, my channel is the best resource to have.”

5. End with a call-to-action : 

You’ll likely have encouraged viewers to subscribe to the channel many times by now. Still, it’s always great to end with a strong call to action. Asking new viewers to take the initiative by subscribing is a great way to end your YouTube channel trailer. You can do this right after you give new viewers reasons to subscribe, or with YouTube cards and on-screen text.

Having a compelling YouTube channel trailer is a make-or-break deal for new viewers. Worst case scenario, you’ll have a boring trailer that only compels new viewers to look away. With these tips, you’ll be sure to see newer viewers that turn into future subscribers.

So these were the most important and auspicious ways to make an engaging channel trailer for your youtube channel. We hope that you have liked this blog.

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