Social media is filled with more than half of world’s population who can be used as potential customers for businesses. As potential customers are scattered over large social media network, it is essential for businesses to identify them and continue marketing activities around them.

But what essential to know is who your target audience is? This question pretty much clarify for whom you make products and services and how to reach them.

It is important to know all little and major details about your target audience for successful marketing activities on social media networks.

To know about your target audience, you need to have 4 answers to the following questions:


1. Where your target audience is?

The first and most major question about identifying your target audience is where they are? In which social media platform do they usually hang out and spend their time. You must know which social media platform they dominate.

To better understand this, let’s assume you target audience is youth. Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are the top 3 social networks where youth are mostly present than other social networks. So instead of establishing your presence on literally all social media platforms, you should focus marketing activities more on these top 3 social networks.

Just like that you can identify your target audience as per occupation too. If your target audience are professionals, you must focus on LinkedIn.


2. Why do they consume the content?

There is always a particular reason and goal for consuming the content. Just like you have certain goal why you want to share content, audience also have certain goals like to look for healthy lifestyle they look for content, to get latest fashion updates, to look for sports, to get entertainment like memes and funny videos.

Knowing why your audience consume helps you to understand why they would look for your content. Make content attractive enough to catch your audience.


3. What are they interested in?

This question majorly answers about the most important aspect to target your potential customers on social networks, their interests. Knowing what your audience are interested in watching will help you to determine the type of content you will make to reach them. If your audience are interested in entertainment then you could make trendy short videos like to attract them. If your audience are interested in some good quotes and write ups then you could make written posts.

Know what interests your audience. If you give your audience what they want then audience will come back and give you what you want.


4. When do they look for content?

It is very important to know when you audience is active in a day. Working people are usually active in the morning and youngsters are usually active at night. Just like that every set of target audience have a most active time on social media. You can even look for active time of your audience in insights and analytics present in almost every social media.



Target audience can also be analyzed on the basis of location, gender and occupation. Every business have set of potential customers who they want to target specifically. Before making content plans, have complete answer of all the above questions.



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