There’s a big difference between comments that contain constructive criticism and comments that are simply hateful. How you deal with these types of comments is also vastly different.

As the saying goes, “hurt people, hurt people.” Trolls’ comments have more to do with how they feel about themselves than they do about you and your content. Recognize their comments are simply a reflection of their own personal battles and don’t take it personally. These users are willing to waste their time and yours if you choose to engage with them.

In this article we will cover how to handle, prevent and respond to trolls in your comments section using simple tools from YouTube – without ever having to say a word to them.

1. Blacklist negative words from your channel : 

This is a proactive way to avoid offensive, inappropriate and profane language from ever showing up in your comments section. You can add words and entire phrases directly from the Community tab within Settings.

If a user tries to comment on a blocked word, it will be sent to your “Held for Review” tab where you can either approve or remove the comment. This is an easy way to not only keep your community safe from harmful language, but you as well. To make it easier, you can find prepared documents of blacklist words online to download for free and use for your page.

2. Block Negative commenters from your channel : 

This is the easiest and efficient way to minimize the number of bad comments from your youtube channel. If You’ve just uploaded a video and 5 minutes later you receive a notification someone left a hateful comment. YouTube has a wonderful tool to make sure this user can never comment on your page again. Before deleting their comment, select more and then hit “hide user.” They’ll still be able to view your content but their comments won’t show up anywhere on your channel, allowing you to focus more of your attention on what matters.

3. Add a comment Moderator : 

Think of this person as an extra layer of security for your comments section. Seek out a trusted user who frequently leaves positive comments on your videos. Once you’ve added your moderator, they will then be sent an email where they can either accept or deny the invite. 

If they choose to accept, this person will have the ability to flag unwanted comments from trolls, spam and everything in between. The comments they flag will live in your “Held for Review” tab where you can decide if they appear on your comments section or get deleted for good. This is a great tool for avoiding the headache that comes with regulating every comment on your own. When it comes to dealing with haters and trolls who are looking to bring you down, it’s best to avoid engaging with them. YouTube’s tools provide excellent ways to prevent and respond to trolls in the comments section without ever speaking to them. Use these to your advantage to protect both yourself and your community from hateful commentary.

So these were the most effective and easy tools to manage the negative comments on youtube videos. We hope that you’ve loved this blog.

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