The micro blogging social network twitter is one of the top social media platforms used to interact with people using tweets. Twitter is very popular mainly due to its capability to make the audience talk and express views and opinions publicly. Twitter is considered as a chatty platform where the audience freely interacts with the twitter community.

Twitter has more than 200 million daily active users. This has given brands and creators an opportunity to create their presence and build content to spread their presence over a large twitter community.

Tweet is the major way of sharing content on twitter where users can express their views in 280 character limit. People on twitter write tweets, like them and even share them using the retweet option.

Since tweet is the major form of sharing content on twitter, let us look at a few tips to write engaging tweets.


Use humour

Whether you are a brand or a regular user trying to attract an audience, your tweets should include humour. Audiences always look for fun and entertainment and if you give them what they want adding your brand touch to it, your audience will be hooked to your tweet and talk about it with others. Netflix is the best example who uses humour in their tweets. You can find the end number of the audience under the comments section talking about the tweet and retweet them.


Write for your audience

Always remember that you are writing for your audience and not for yourself. Use tone and language that your audience will understand. To know who your audience is, ask yourself why are you writing the tweet and for whom? This will pretty much clear the way for you about who your audience is. Connecting with some audiences requires fun and humour while for some requires little professionalism. Know who your audience is and to eliminate the mistake of wrong message to the audience.


Include visuals

Using images and GIFs will improve your tweet engagement as visuals attract the audience’s attention quickly. Especially the GIFs that are widely used in twitter. People even comment using them.


Always use hashtags

Using hashtags is a must if you want to reach a large audience on twitter. Use the appropriate hashtags on your tweet. You should know that using relevant hashtags for tweets is very important. Don’t use trending hashtags which are irrelevant to your tweet just to reach a wider audience because you won’t find the right audience like that. Use the relevant trending hashtags according to what you’re offering with your tweet to get the right target audience that you desire.


Avoid offensive tweets

You should pay very close attention to what you’re writing. As twitter is a large chatty platform where people don’t hesitate to express their views, one wrong tweet can cost your entire existence on twitter and reputation. Avoid writing tweets that hurt the people’s sentiment.



Twitter is a large social media platform where people come together to speak out views and opinions freely.x Many brands took advantage of this to build their online relationship management and reputation. Twitter is such a platform that can help to build your reputation. It can make or break your reputation so choose your words wisely while writing tweets.

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