YouTube offers more than a million virtual reality experiences for its users, and now, the platform is working to break down barriers for those who want to create more VR content. So, if you want to experiment with a new type of content, VR could be the next big step in your career.

Here’s how YouTubers are growing through VR.

The YouTube VR app is available on a lot of different platforms.

VR and 360 content can be found on the original YouTube, but it’s easier to access it through the YouTube VR app. Launched in November 2016, the YouTube VR app created a separate platform for creators and viewers to come together and explore the wide new world of VR content.

boy wearing black and white VR headset

Before you start making VR content, start discovering what’s already out there. The YouTube VR app is currently available on Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Daydream View, and HTC Vive.

Look to award-winning VR content for inspiration.

In order to become to best VR content creator you can be, you should study the best VR content YouTube has to offer. Many of YouTube’s VR videos have been awarded Webbies, Streamy, and even Emmys.

YouTube is creating education programs for creators like you.

To make the creation of VR content as accessible as the consumption of it, YouTube launched a creator education program. The YouTube VR Creator Lab takes selected creators through a three-day VR boot camp at a YouTube Space location.

four person playing virtual reality goggles

YouTube is currently accepting applications for its upcoming European VR Creator Lab. 

VR is the next big thing in content creation. Start studying the best works now and send in your application for the next YouTube VR Creator Lab near you.

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