Instagram is a photo sharing social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with captions, locations, filters and music. Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform with 500 million daily active users who engage in a variety of content. Instagram provides flexibility in making content with various features like photos, videos, reels, stories and IGTV.



Instagram was originally a photo sharing app where people share their photos in 1:1 form. But Instagram came up with many upgrades that allowed users not just to limit photos to share content. Users can share photos with added filters, location and tagging anyone on Instagram. Users can not only share one but 10 photos in a single post! That much flexibility and upgrade Instagram has made to make sure users are comfortable in sharing the content they desire.


Instagram not only allows users to share photos but also videos up to 60 seconds of duration. The features same goes as provided in photos, to add filters, location and tagging people. Lately Instagram has come up with feature form businesses to promote their brand by engaging in ‘paid partnership’ to feature the brand with the brand endorser, usually a celebrity. You can see the paid partnership tag on the location side.



IGTV or Instagram TV allows users to post videos up to 15 minutes. This allows many brands and influencers to add longer duration videos. IGTV is helpful to make videos and explanatory videos on Instagram. Beauty influencers, food enthusiasts, philosophers etc. got benefits from IGTV.


Reels is a 60 second video making feature that allows users to make short trendy videos in 9:16 and 4:5 dimension. Reel was earlier a 30 second video making feature which is now increased to 60 seconds. The major advantage of an Instagram reel is its appearance in the explore page. The reels you make go in an explore page that gives your reel an opportunity to be viral in Instagram reels. Many creators use Instagram reels to reach many people and gain followers. You can add on any music on reels, apply various filters, stickers and text on a particular time stamp. Reels are connected to Facebook also so if you have a Facebook account too, you can gather more views from there. Reels is a quick way to get more views and drive traffic to your account.


Instagram stories


Instagram stories is a 15 second video or photo sharing feature that vanishes in 24 hours. You can connect with your audience through stories and see who and how many people view your story. You can also choose who can or cannot view your story by adding them in the ‘close friend’ list. Instagram stories have stickers that allow you to connect with the audience by asking opinions, polls, quizzes and reactions. Stories also allow you to add pictures in different collages called layouts.

Instagram is a social media platform that has a younger audience more than others. That is why in order to target the young audience many businesses use Instagram. Instagram also gave rise to influencers.

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