Snapchat is a very popular social media app among young people. The unique features of snapchat attracts a large young audience towards it. More than 300 million daily active users, snapchat is among the top social media apps currently. Snapchat has seen continuous growth and development over the years.

Using snapchat is very interesting and fun with its filters, sharing stories and sending snaps with friends to maintain snapstreak.

As a fan of snapchat, there are snapchat tricks that you should know


Watch stories from snap map:

You can watch stories from various locations around the world. When you open the snapchat app, swipe left two times and you can see the world map with various locations around the world. You can click on a particular location and you can see someone has posted a story from the last 24 hours.

The interesting thing is that the stories are the latest, around the last 24 hours. Since snapchat stories have validity of 24 hours. You can now see what’s happening around the world with location stories and different locations you always wanted to see.


Pin emoji to the object:

You can now pin an emoji to the object in your photo. For example if you are waving and you want a heart emoji to move along with your index finger, you can do it with simple steps. Take a video as you want. Then on the top right corner there is a folded paper icon, click on that. Choose your desired emoji and place it on the moving object. Tap and hold the emoji and you can see the option of pin. Select and see how the emoji move along the object in the video.

It is an interesting hack to make your story attractive and fun.


Saving photos privately:

Snapchat gives you the option to save your photos and videos more privately. The snaps can be saved in memories but there is a more private option where you can save some snaps in ‘My eyes only’ with password protected. Snapchat always strives to keep your data secure and protected with its unique features.


Upload stories more privately:

Snapchat mow gives you the option to upload stories and share with only those who you want them to see. This option gives you the opportunity to share your personal life with only close friends and people. You can even name the title of your private stories. This makes sure you don’t get confused with sharing with everyone and the private one while uploading to help you distinguish the title.


Snapchat is a very fun and entertaining social media app that draws the attention of the young audience. 70% of the snapchat audience are below the age of 26. So you can understand how large it attracts a young audience towards it.

Using the tricks will help you love this app more.

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