Social media has been a blessing that transformed the technological world today. It becomes difficult to imagine a life without social media where you cannot connect with people, expand your creativity and business, voice out your opinion and so on.


Social media no doubt has helped in connecting people locally and globally. Connecting people through social media have transformed from emails to just a simple text way. We have been able to connect with our family and friends across the globe with whom it was difficult to connect with back then. The world is becoming smaller and smaller in social media, ‘online friends’ have been emerging. People become friends over social media living across several nations. Social media helped to bridge that gap between people to communicate, connect and interact with several people online. If you are wondering how people even become friends over social media without meeting, it’s actually pretty simple. Social media has several topics that people engage in and convey their views, opinions, beliefs and ideas. People become friends while communicating their opinions and sharing their interests. People become friends who share the same interest in certain movies and TV series. It’s easier to become friends with people on social media especially for the introverts who have difficulty in talking face to face and rather prefer to stay online.


But as social media has made connecting with people effortless, it has also disconnected with people around you. People are so engrossed in connecting with people on social media that it vandalizes relationships with people offline. People spend less time with family, friends and peers that hamper the connection and bond. People started to give more time to online friends on social media than real friends in life. As a result, the years of friendship and relation with people are destroyed leading to problems in mental health too.


Bottom line is, it’s not a bad thing to make friends on social media. It actually helps the people who don’t have friends in real life or have difficulty in communication have some friends with whom they can share their feelings and find support. But it is also necessary for the people not to ignore their relationships in real life. It takes years to build relationships with people so it is inadequate to destroy it for a few days of online friendship. If both are special to you then you will be able to balance out appropriately. Social media can be boon or bane, depending on how you handle it and how you balance your relationship.







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