If your subscriber count is significantly higher than your average view count is, then you probably have a lot of dormant subscribers. These are subscribers who used to be fans of your content but haven’t been watching your videos for a while. However, because they’re still subscribed, they’re still potential viewers. Getting them back into your content will help raise your view count again.

Here are three tips for getting dormant subscribers interested in your content again.

1. Look back at your most-viewed videos for inspiration.

On your channel’s videos tab, sort your videos by popularity. The majority of your top videos will probably be from a time when your dormant subscribers were active. Rewatch a few of them and make note of what they have in common. You should also take notice of how they differ from the content you’re creating now.

You can find inspiration for new ideas from your old content. Brainstorm video ideas that would appeal to the viewers who loved your highest performing videos so much. Then, adapt those ideas to fit the kind of content you’re making currently.

2. Resurrect an old series.

Oftentimes, viewers subscribe to a channel because they’re interested in a specific series the creator is putting out. They may watch other uploads, but not necessarily. When that series ends, those viewers may stop watching that creator’s content altogether.

If you previously had a series on your channel that helped grow your audience, you may consider bringing it back. Resurrecting an old series could reignite a lot of your subscribers’ interest in your content again. Alternatively, you could create a new but similar series.

3. Collaborate with up-and-coming creators.

You can also get viewers interested in your channel again by collaborating with creators they may be interested in now. Reach out to a few up-and-coming creators within your content niche. Ask them to join you for a video or two. Alternatively, you might reach out to up-and-coming creators in different niches your viewer demographic is interested in.

To get longtime subscribers interested in your content again, you should find inspiration in the videos that made them subscribe in the first place. Collaborating with new creators can also help you reach these

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