People on social media are quite vocal about their opinions and constantly share their opinions. Opinions are also followed about criticism and negative comments. Social media is a place where even non expressive ones freely express their views. These opinions also created the problem of crisis and reputation damage. Don’t get disheartened with negative comments. No matter how good your content is, there will always be few people who will have problems.

You might fall into negativity and trolls. But don’t worry, follow some steps to handle negative comments.


Respond to comment as soon as possible

It is a strategy of many big brands who respond to complaints and negative comments very quickly. You can follow the steps of such big brands in your situation too. Whenever a negative comment comes up, respond quickly to them. Many brands build their online reputation management very well by responding to complaints easily and in a positive way.

Even for a regular creator and audience, responding to negativity should be in a composed way not to spoil your reputation. It is said that one wrong tweet of your audience can damage your share price and reputation. So choose your words wisely while dealing with negativity.


Do not delete negative comments

Deleting the negative comment will not erase the problem, on the contrary, it will cause more problems. Your audience will hesitate in giving feedback to you because they think you don’t value their opinion and can’t handle feedback.

You cannot run from them. But what you can do is handle them constructively. If you keep deleting negative comments it will destroy your reputation of inability to handle negative comments effectively.


Don’t put blame on others

As a part of good online reputation management, you should not put blame on others. Some people have a tendency to blame their team or techs for making content. Be responsible enough to accept what’s wrong and ensure it won’t be repeated.


Complain the trolls to concerned social media network

There are times when some people just have so much problem with the stuff in your post and they keep spreading negativity not just in the comments section but around the social media community. Don’t get more involved with them by responding to them. Instead complain to the concerned social media network that you are in.

All social media networks have community guidelines that protect the interest of audiences who fall into trolls and negativity. Use the right path to deal with them.

Fame and negativity goes hand in hand, especially on social media. It is necessary to respond to negativity with utmost calm and respect to maintain your online reputation. Follow the above steps to deal with negative comments effectively.



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