In the world of online advertising, influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies for reaching new customers. By paying social media mavens to share your products with their followers, you can form a personal connection with thousands of new potential customers.

Here’s everything you, as an online business owner, need to know about influencer marketing.

Niche creators can generate more sales than those with broad audiences.

Sure, working with influencers with millions of followers may get your products seen by millions of people, but how many of them will actually make a purchase? Alternatively, consider working with niche creators, whose smaller audiences are more likely to specifically match your target audience.

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Do thorough research on the influencers who most appeal to your target audience. Gauge their viewer demographics as much as their follower counts. For example, if you’re trying to sell a new lipstick to women 18-35, then a beauty vlogger whose three thousand followers are mainly women in their twenties would be better than a lifestyle vlogger whose three million followers are mostly children.

The more specific you can get within an influencer’s realm of interests, the better. 

Compensating your influencers fairly should be a top priority.

Many social media influencers use sponsorships to generate the majority of their income. Therefore, in order to work with the best influencers, your pay must be competitive.

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How much you compensate an influencer depends on both the size of their audience and how much work you’re asking them to do. So, a sponsored YouTube video will cost more than an Instagram post.

However, many influencers already have their own rates set.

Have a contract in place.

To ensure that everyone on both sides is in agreement, have a contract in place for your influencers to sign. Allow them to negotiate with you so that they’re as happy with the final contract as you.

The contract should outline how much they’ll be compensated as well as how they’ll be compensated. You should also include your expectations for the project and the timeline.

Offer them a discount code to share with their audience.

Finally, to generate more sales through influencer marketing, you should offer your influencers something exclusive to share with their followers. For example, you may give them a discount code, an affiliate link, or products to giveaway.

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Alternatively, you may give them away to open up a conversation that empowers their audience through your products. 

Influencer marketing should be a key part of the marketing strategy of any online business. Connect with niche creators and focus on reaching your target demographic.

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