Ever since instant messaging apps have come into existence, it has become very convenient for internet users to send unlimited messages through such apps. It became easier to send messages, media, documents, etc. where people can access it anytime, anywhere.

When you think of messaging, what app comes to mind? Yes, it’s WhatsApp and Telegram. Both the apps provide similar features to its users. Since both the apps are similar in nature, what makes them different from each other?

WhatsApp was launched in 2009 making it first to appear before Telegram, which was launched in 2013. Telegram was launched as a competitor to WhatsApp when it was acquired by Facebook. Telegram majorly attracted millions of users due to privacy. It made sure to protect the data of users with its features.

What makes Telegram better from WhatsApp is the secret chat features. Your chats are safe with telegram with respect to privacy concerns. Telegram doesn’t allow to spread forwarded messages. There are low chances of your data to spread making telegram safe and reliable. You can’t even take screenshots in telegrams. With this feature, your data is completely safe with telegram. Telegram has always been reliable in keeping your data protected from further harm.

On the other hand, WhatsApp always wins in providing unique features. As WhatsApp is under the Facebook family, it introduced WhatsApp business for small businesses. Under WhatsApp business, small businesses can take advantage of connecting with potential customers more personally, giving them a sense of trust and credibility.

WhatsApp is more popular worldwide with more than 1 billion daily active users around the world while telegram has only 55 million daily active users. WhatsApp wins big time as more people spend time on WhatsApp than on telegram.


The final take?

The final view largely depends on preference. While telegram is clearly ahead in providing safety and eliminates your privacy concerns, WhatsApp may not be completely reliable in privacy issues. But it’s ok. Your chats are still saved with WhatsApp.

While WhatsApp clearly wins over usage, telegram focuses more on privacy.

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