Google being the best and most used search engine, every review by customer is very important for the business to improve. Google reviews are feedback customers give to businesses on Google.

Search engine is an online tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Google is the King of search engines. More than 90% of the world uses Google.

Reviews on Google are very important especially for small businesses. There are several reasons why google reviews are important for business.



Influence customer decision

Google reviews highly influence customer views. 46% of people who use google have ‘local intent’ that is, they search for something locally like café, beauty salon, restaurants etc. A good customer review will help your business to reach those potential customers.


Improves credibility

A review by a fellow customer is always more trusted than the marketing tactics. Reading a customer review about how well you provide products and services to your customers helps to build credibility among the potential customers and increase the reputation of your business.


Helps in search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is very important for a business to come up at the top of people’s search list. There are many ways that help a business to improve their search ranking and one such is good customer review. There are 7 billion searches done on Google every day. It is a wonderful opportunity for all the small businesses to reach the potential customers on Google.


Helps in conversions

A good review by customers on google can help in converting the other searchers into potential customers. Many people go through various searches before making the purchase decision. A good review on google helps them in making decisions and hence helping your business to get more customers and grow your business.


Helps to win against competitors

A satisfied customer is the key to win against competition. There are so many competitions present for every industry. A good customer review can help you win against competition even if it’s bigger in business than yours.


It is very essential for small businesses to take advantage of Google who have an opportunity driven platform for business. Take advantage of Google’s free listing by improving your services and satisfying customers.

Encourage your satisfied customers to put a positive review on Google. When their review is seen by people it makes a valuable impact on your business. Encourage them that their words are important and create value.



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