The short video TikTok app is the most talked and hyped among social media platforms. Ever since this Chinese app has been launched, it’s been going onward and upwards in popularity, daily active users, creators and what not.

With over 100 million daily active users worldwide, TikTok has the highest presence in America with over 35% ok users of TikTok. The platform gives the opportunity for the users to create any short videos in entertainment, fun, dancing, singing or any creative ideas you got. Even with high competition among the short video apps, TikTok continues to rule at the top.


But since TikTok is a short video creating app, how will it dominate social media?

TikTok is not just a short video creating app anymore. It’s more than that. Earlier it was just limited to making short videos but now it also started to turn to another social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The short video popularity has turned many social media sites like Instagram and YouTube to incorporate short video format in their platforms as well.

The growing demand and popularity of short video content is going in favor of TikTok who has already dominated the short video format.

Many businesses now use the growing popularity of TikTok among young audiences as the target market to reach the potential customers on TikTok. It’s no longer a platform where you just make short videos for entertainment. The rise of influencers on TikTok who have the potential to influence the audience also gave them an opportunity to earn.

TikTok have also updated the apps with ads and sponsorships that has benefitted both influencers and business to earn and advertise. TikTok has become a business ground for brands to target the vast young audience present on TikTok.

TikTok has now become a social media marketplace where creators and businesses interact with each other to target potential customers and earn with each other. As for the audience they get to comment, message, tag friends and share the content with each other like they do in other social media sites. TikTok has got features like other social media sites as well.

With the popularity and current dominance of the short video format, TikTok will overtake the other social media sites in future. Businesses need to watch out the potential and power that it will hold in future and to plan their strategies from now to use TikTok as an inherent part of social media marketing.

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