Making a Youtube video is one thing and uploading consistently and on

time is the other thing . To outscale your youtube algorithm metrics , you

need to upload the videos on schedule and at time . On YouTube, the

video ranking algorithm is king. It determines how many viewers will see

your videos, where your content will be promoted, and who will receive

push notifications about your newest upload.


While no one outside of YouTube HQ knows exactly what goes into the

algorithm, many vloggers have discovered through trial and error that

having a consistent upload schedule can raise your videos’ place in the


Here are three simple steps to improving your upload schedule.


1.Consistency is the most important Thing :

It is one of the most important aspects of uploading and maintaining

better youtube metrics for your channel’s growth . Consistency should be

a core tenet of your YouTube strategy. This is most important when it

comes to your upload schedule. You should be uploading videos on a

regular, consistent basis to build your channel’s place within the



Not only will consistency help you find favor with the algorithm, but it will

also help you find favor with your viewers. No matter how much they

enjoy your content, they might give up on your channel if you only upload sporadically. A consistent upload schedule on your part enables

your viewers to make your videos part of their personal schedules.


2.Schedule down your Videos :

Schedule your posts and videos so that you can upload your videos on

the same time on the same day . You might get a busy schedule , or you

may need to go for an important meeting or you might get some

important call that you need to delay some of your work . So , in this

busy schedule anything unprecedented can happen . So , scheduling

your youtube videos is the smarter way to counteract this paranoid .

Consistency is more than just uploading on a regular basis. To get the

most out of your upload schedule, you need to upload on the same day

every single week. Additionally, you should upload your new videos at

the same time of day.


If you’re worried about missing your upload time, then you should

schedule your uploads in advance. Upload your video file before your

regular upload day. However, instead of setting it to go live immediately,

select “schedule.” Then, you can choose exactly when your new video

will go live on your channel.


3.Advertise Your Upload Schedule :

Advertise your upload schedule in your channel header to make your

subscriber know that you will upload the youtube videos on that specific

day .

Your upload schedule won’t matter much if your viewers aren’t aware of

what it is. Therefore, you need to advertise it. For easy visibility, put yourupload schedule in your channel header. You can easily edit the text

onto the bottom in Photoshop or Canva.

You should also include your upload schedule as part of your

call-to-action. As your video ends, tell your viewers when your next video

will be uploaded. You can also remind them to turn on your push

notification to ensure they won’t miss your next upload. This is the best

method to keep growing along with the growing subscribers .


These 3 strategies , if you’ll follow , will make your youtube algorithm

perfect and balanced for outscaling your metrics and growth

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