Social media has been a blessing in technological world ever since it appeared into picture. Social media not only changed the way we communicate but also the way we work. Even though social media appeared to ease the communication, but it changed the way of everything. You just can not only communicate with using social media but also update to latest news, what’s going around the world, brand influence, business, sports anything you name it. The achievement of social media has been continuing till date but let us look at the big changes the social media made around.

Hashtags to spread news, awareness and trend

Ever since the hashtag came into existence through twitter, the news spread rapidly among people. All the political news and issues that need to be addressed are spread through hashtags easily and become a fastest way to reach information to people. Especially on Twitter where you can see the top hashtags trending in your region. Hashtag changed the way news and information reach people.

Advertisement through celebrities 

Social media changed the way of advertisement not only through paid advertisement but also celebrity advertisement. It basically transformed the marketing tactics. Brands took the advantage of the vast majority of people’s presence on social media than on television or newspaper, to advertisement using celebrity influence. People are also influenced by the taste of their favorite celebrities and that’s why brands took this opportunity to advertise using celebrities on social media. Brands also target young audience who constitute the majority of social media users using the growing number of ‘influencers.’

Communicating with brands

Communicating with brands have become easy than before. Brands use social media as a tool to reach out to the audience, share and discuss opinions, take feedback and do all kind of activity to connect with audience. Brands use the same language as audience and use humor to connect with them personally leading to sense of belongingness towards the brand.

A chance to be on trend

Social media has become a platform for the creators to be on the top trend, go viral and become famous over social media. Your basic talent can get you thousands of views and recognition if you continue to post your talent online like dancing, singing, acting, beauty influence, artist, etc. Getting recognized on social media is no more a difficult thing now. Only you have to be consistent and patience throughout.

Social media has opened the gates of the world right through your mobile screen. Connecting and reaching the community or earning all has become a part of social media and achievement are unlimited. Social media has evolved and continuing to be evolving to give you the best of the world, and even though it’s been a long time since social media came to existence, it is just beginning!

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