Designing merch sales and marketing them are great ways to make your extra money while also earning from your content marketing strategy. It helps you to go into designing and marketing some of your extra contents as well. You can also outsource your other brands in your merchandise as well. 

Merch sales are a great source of income for just about any creator. However, you’re competing for your viewers’ money just as much as you compete for their time. In order to make more sales, your merch needs to stand out from what other creators are selling.

Here are three tips for brainstorming unique merch ideas.

1. Consider what kind of products you would actually use in your videos.

As you film your next few videos, be conscious of the kinds of products you use on camera. Every tool you pick up or recommendation you make is a potential merch idea. If you would link where you bought it in your description, then you’d probably be able to sell it to your viewers.

To get more specific, try to align such products with your content niche. For example, as a baking vlogger, you’d probably make more money selling branded cupcake tins than lipstick. Likewise, a gaming vlogger would probably be more successful launching their own mobile game than custom ring lights.

2. Imagine what kind of collectibles your viewers might like to display.

Next, imagine what kind of merch you would want to display if you were a fan. You could even glance around your own room to see what kinds of memorabilia you’ve decorated with. Do you have a poster of your favorite band hanging on your wall? Do you use a keychain featuring a character you love? Are there any figurines on your bookshelf or plushies on your bed?

If you’re artistically inclined, you could design plushies, figurines, or enamel pins for your viewers. If you don’t consider yourself an artist, then you could commission a designer to turn your favorite catch phrases or quotes into pins or art prints. Posters and photo cards are another good option, and you can add value by signing them.

The true secret to successfully selling collectibles is knowing your audience. For example, if you’re a travel vlogger with an audience in their twenties and thirties, then posters probably wouldn’t sell very well, but enamel pins might.

3. Think about the items your audience associates with your personal brand.

Finally, consider the kinds of products your viewers associate with you, even if you don’t use them a lot in your videos. Maybe you always talk about how much you love to drink tea in live streams, or you’re always posting pictures of your garden. You could sell mugs or plant pots to fans who share your interests.

The more creative you can get with your merch ideas, the more potential sales you can make. Don’t be afraid to run ideas past your audience and gauge their level of interest.

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