As a content creator, you may have ideas bigger than your pocket book. Whether it’s an ambitious short film or the travel vlog of your dreams, your ad revenue may not be enough to fund your ideal project.

Here are five fun ways to fund your content creation.

1. Set up a merch booth at a convention.

Many vloggers travel to conventions to meet fans and network with other creators they admire. Consider setting up a merch booth at the next event you attend. You can sell merch and meet fans in one easily accessible place. Check your event’s website for details about renting a booth.

Free Person in Red and Blue Hoodie Standing in Front of White String Lights Stock Photo

You can dream up fun and creative ways to draw attention to your merch booth.

2. Take interesting sponsorship deals for other social media platforms.

Though your main focus may be on YouTube, you shouldn’t shy away from doing sponsored posts on other platforms. Be open-minded about trying new products or going on brand trips.

The more sponsored posts you do, the more interesting opportunities will come your way.

3. Monetize your insights and experience as an online life coach.

Because you’re an influencer, people look to you for advice, inspiration, and recommendations. You can give your followers the opportunity to come to you for one-on-one advice by becoming an online life coach.

Virtually anyone can become a life coach through a training program. 

4. Offer creative perks to crowdfunding supporters.

Many creators supplement their income through crowdfunding, allowing fans to donate a certain amount each month in exchange for special perks. YouTube offers Channel Memberships to eligible creators, but anyone can sign up for Patreon.

You can raise a lot of money and have a lot of fun with Patreon. The perks are only limited by your imagination.

5. Freelance as a videographer, photographer, or editor.

Finally, you can put the practical skills you’ve developed as a YouTuber to work as a freelancer. Offer your services as a videographer for local events, a photographer for aspiring influencers, or a video editor for vlogger friends who need a little extra help.

Funding your more ambitious content ideas doesn’t have to drain your budget. Get creative with a crowdfunding campaign or put your practical skills to use as a freelancer.

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