Special effects can set your videos apart from the basic jump cuts and title cards most YouTube videos utilize. By stepping up your production, you’ll create higher-quality videos that will hold viewers’ attention longer.

If you want to add SFX to your YouTube videos, here’s how to get started.

Explore the options in your current video editing software.

Many video editing programs come equipped with basic options for special effects. For example, you may be able to add filters, simple graphics, or sound effects. You may even have the option to purchase certain effects. If you think you’d use the effect a lot, it may be worth the investment.

Learn to use Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects is specifically designed for adding special effects in post-production. You can use this software to design both visual effects and motion graphics. In fact, it’s the film industry standard.

Getting Started With Adobe After Effects - Videomaker

With the Adobe Creative Cloud program, anyone can download Adobe After Effects. You can also use Adobe Premiere to edit your videos, so the monthly payments are a great investment for content creators.

You can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

Get old-fashioned with handmade effects.

If you prefer the look of old-school special effects from classic, campy movies, then you may try your hand at creating your own special effects without a computer. There’s a lot you can do with craft supplies and clever camera angles.

Adding special effects to your videos certainly comes with a learning curve. However, if you’re willing to start with the basics, then you’ll be adding all kinds of amazing SFX to your videos in no time.

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