So you finally did it. You hit your next million subscribers or got that video to a hundred thousand likes. Now, how do you celebrate?

Here are five ideas to celebrate your next channel milestone.

1. Finally make that video your subscribers keep asking for.

Maybe your subscribers have been asking you to make a certain video as often as you’ve been asking them to share your channel with their friends. Use that highly requested video as an incentive to get them to help you reach your channel goal.

2. React to your old videos.

If there isn’t a highly requested video you want to make, then you can create a different kind of video to celebrate. Take a trip down memory lane with a reaction video in which you watch your own videos.

You could get even more nostalgic and react to videos you’ve deleted, taken down, or made private. 

3. Host a celebratory live stream.

Instead of a video, you could do a live stream instead. Make sure to tell your viewers well in advance so they can plan to watch at the time and day you’ve decided on.

black smartphone taking photo of yellow round fruits

In your live stream, thank your fans for all the ways they’ve supported you. You may even shout out your biggest supporters, special fan projects, or your favorite fan accounts.

4. Release a special piece of merch.

You can celebrate your channel milestone with a special merch drop. Maybe your fans have been asking for hoodies in pastel colors or shirts with a certain quote on them. You can release this merch to celebrate.

A merch drop like this has to be planned well in advance. While encouraging your subscribers to help you reach that new goal, start working on your merch behind the scenes. The collection should be ready to go as soon as you hit your milestone.

5. Do something goofy.

Finally, you can celebrate your next channel milestone by doing something that’s just for fun. Create a video or a project that’s goofy, silly, ridiculous—whatever strikes your fancy.

There are endless ways to celebrate your next channel milestone. Create a special video, drop exclusive merch, or host a live stream.

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