Twitter is a micro blogging social media platform that allows users to share their thoughts and ideas to a larger audience. Twitter has more than 210 million daily active users worldwide with over 500 million tweets daily. Twitter comes under one of the most used social media sites along with Facebook and Instagram. Twitter was launched in 2004.

Importance of twitter has arisen over the past few years and many businesses are connecting with their customers over twitter. There are some reasons why establishing market over twitter is important



1)    Twitter is a glitch free app that doesn’t go down in any circumstances unlike the apps like Facebook and Instagram. Over the past three years, Facebook and Instagram have gone down due to technical issues, leading to billions dollars of loss. The technical aspect of twitter is free of any hindrances which allows users to freely function on twitter.


2)    Understanding customer views and perceptions is very important for a business to run successfully and improve credibility of the business. Twitter allows users to share the views with “tweets” of 160 characters long. Businesses can establish a community of people around their business and interact with the users daily. Twitter is great for analysis for what people think about a certain subject, topic, issue, thesis or trend. Feedback on twitter is a reliable and fast process.


3)    Twitter doesn’t require you to post pictures or videos as it is not just a photo sharing app. You can share what’s on your mind written under the 160 word limit. Photos and videos are additional features that you can incorporate otherwise just words are enough to attract the customers or audience around twitter.


4)    Twitter gives users a sense of personal feeling as users can not only like tweets but also retweet on their account. Users and businesses can see people’s reaction to their posts.


5)    Twitter has a large audience base, with approximately 6,000 tweets per second, who regularly tweet and interact with the community.  Users continuously use hashtags, which originated from twitter itself. Hashtags are widely used in twitter while interacting and connecting with the twitter community. Twitter explore also shows trending hashtags in your region. Hence it is important for a business to establish its control over twitter and interact with a large audience base.


If you want to regularly engage and interact with your audience to learn their opinion and views, to know what’s trending around, twitter is the best marketplace to establish a community around your business. And not only for business, that’s the plus point of twitter that anyone who wants to engage with a large community can use twitter easily.





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