Facebook has over 2 billion and Instagram has over 500 million active users worldwide daily. Both the apps are fastest growing apps currently but they have their own reasons why marketing at Facebook or Instagram is beneficial.

Let us take a look what you must know before marketing at Facebook and Instagram

Age group:

Understanding what age group has a higher range in Facebook and Instagram that will help you better in making decisions about where to market your brand or content. Instagram has high population users of young people between the age group of 18-30 while Facebook also has young people from 18-30 but Facebook has a high range of people above age 60+ and not Instagram. This is also mainly because Facebook was launched much earlier than Instagram hence older people are much familiar with Facebook. This statistics shows us that brands must understand and learn what age group of customers their products have and then choose the appropriate platform for the same. If your business has a customer base for elderly people then marketing on Instagram will be in vain. You won’t be able to find them easily on Instagram.

Let us look at an example to understand better. If a car company wants to establish its presence over social media, it has to use Facebook as a major platform because the majority of its potential buyers are present on Facebook rather than on Instagram.

Industry type:

Industry type also determines the decision of marketing on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook works better for professional services or brands like marketing agencies, travel and tourism, real estate, electronics, accessories etc. that doesn’t mean they cannot mark their presence on Instagram, but they will find success on Facebook than on Instagram. Instagram provides success to creators with talents and hobbies that can turn into business opportunities, lifestyle products, foods, entertainment, health etc.

Chanel has more than 23 million followers on Facebook but it has over 47 million followers on Instagram. Though it has success on both the platforms, chanel has better engagement and presence over Instagram. Samsung global has over 6 lakh followers on Instagram but it has a massive more than 47 million followers on Facebook! These comparisons are enough to understand how industry types play a role in the success of establishing presence on social media platforms.


Nowadays paid advertisements are essential for a business or creator to grow constructively over Facebook and Instagram. Both Facebook and Instagram have lately introduced innovative updates to help the users to display advertisements. There’s no doubt both the platforms are very influential in running the paid advertisements, but one need to understand the difference between how the ads in both the platforms work. While ads in Instagram are more visually content, users must get the perfect photo for the post to circulate. While it doesn’t matter about the pictures on Facebook, the content has to be strong enough to grab the users.


As a business or creator one must need to research properly about the age group and which industry works best for Facebook and Instagram. Determine your goals and research them well before choosing the right social media.


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