Tiktok has been wildly successful post and after the pandemic of 2021 .

The success of the Tik Tok app can be attributed to an excellent social

media marketing campaign which has attracted huge audiences. Filled

with entertaining short videos of people lip-syncing songs, performing

comic skits and delivering their best content, the Tik Tok app has

managed to capture the attention of many.



Tiktok has more than over 500+ Million monthly users and it’s the top 3

of the most used social media platforms in the world . With the growing

population and excessive use of this large media platform , it’s no doubt

that this platform might also take over one of the largest and biggest

social media platforms . Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have

dominated this space for a long time leaving little room for other social

media outlets. Yet, Tik Tok has captured the attention of young people

causing the number of users to grow rapidly each day. The recipe for the

success and popularity of the app lies in its presentation and choice of



So , here we will learn how tiktok has dominated its presence over other

social media and what makes it popular with its users .


A visual platform for all

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and what better place to achieve

this than on a trending platform. Consumption of visual content is both

effortless and has a global appeal for all members of society. In the recent

past, we have seen the rise of YouTube celebrities that have created

prominent careers simply by sharing regular videos.



The Tik Tok platform also caters to many communities meaning you can find videos on music, art, fashion and more on it. These are short clips that are purely for entertainment purposes. Just like YouTube, TikTok has its share of megastars and the reigning favourite is Loren Gray who has over 31 million followers. The social media app itself has a total of 524 million users currently and the numbers are rising rapidly.


Social Media Trends :

Tik Tok is the only platform that not only provides its audience with a space

to flaunt their creative talents, but also ropes them in with trending videos

that are watched and then recreated. These trends range from lip-syncing

the latest chartbuster to mimicking a famous meme on the internet. You

would be surprised at how the small time frame of 15 seconds can be put

to good use on TikTok.



Millennials worry about being left out and social media platforms such as

Tik Tok help them feel included by giving them easy access to a space

where they can be seen and appreciated.


The Tik Tok app has a largely young user base that share a common

interest and engage with each other through response videos or through

collaborations. Each day these young people are finding new ways to

consume this interesting platform and its offerings.


The year 2017 revolutionised Musical.ly. It was relaunched and still exists

as a crowd favourite. However, before that, a new version of Musical.ly,

called Douyin, was introduced in the market by a Chinese tech company:

Bytedance. Understanding that the app had potential among the millennial

generation, Bytedance merged Musical.ly and Douyin and hence, Tik Tok

was born. Standing tall among giants like YouTube and Snapchat, the Tik

Tok app has carved out a niche for itself.


So , this was the story of a small , yet impactful social media platform/ App

and what are the trends that Tiktok is going to dominate over other social

media platforms like Youtube , Instagram Reels and many others .

I hope that you’ve learned something valuable and helpful today

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