Can you become an Instagram Influencer in such a short span of time by building a

good reputation and making your hands on a specific niche or brand? Or is it very

difficult for you to start out as there are thousands of other Influencers as well , which

have already made up their top-noche brand and are already excelling out. Don’t Worry

, here are some tips to start out .

Instagram influencers make money by gathering millions of followers by channelling

their inner creativity and they have prominent status on their social brands as well. I

know that it might sound a lot fascinating , But remember that there are lots of other

Influencers out there – both new and established , that it makes a tough competition for

you to stand out. But don’t worry, here are some tips that you can follow to become like

the dream Influencers that you’ve admired.



  1. Identify your Niche : This is the most important and crucial step for you to start

as an Influencer . Finding a specific niche or activity that you love is the first step

to start out. You can pick things/activities you love to talk about for hours without

getting bored. Because , if you share what you are passionate about it would

become much easier for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

It’s better to pick one or two areas of interest that serve your target audience

without fail. Generally, it works better if you are an expert in one field, rather than

trying various niches.


  1. Respect your followers , Engage and Enthrall : Just like , we respect each

other in real life to strengthen relationships. Similarly , in order to build a good

online reputation it’s necessary to respect your followers as well. Here respect

means building trust of your followers by sharing true stories , facts , information

and real Ideas/contents . You don’t need to copy contents from other creators as

this will result in the end for your Influencer journey . Post genuine , honest and

real contents that truly reflect you and your niche.

Also , besides this you also need to keep on Engaging with your followers by

asking polls , requests , responding to their comments etc.Your followers are real

people, and to build a connection, you can reply to their comments or repost their

photos or at least give them a shoutout.

You can enthrall your audience by letting them into your inner world. A genuine

personal story will help to build trust between you and your audience.

3. Content is the King : Top Instagram influences swear by the aesthetic aspects

of their posts and feeds. Pay close attention to the aesthetic that suits your

personality, and reflects the mood you want to portray through your content.

Finally , put out your best content first , and provide the best value to your

followers because in that way only you can gain trust and they will also follow you

if you have a good feedback loop.


  1. Use the right hashtags : You can curate content relevant to your niche to

connect more meaningfully with your target audience. Bring refreshing

perspectives by adding opinions, post trending photos and videos . Use the right

hashtags to get more engagement and likes . By using the combination of best

Curation and using right hashtags , your videos and photos will be on top of the

trending page and you will get the best result out of that engagement.You can

also use Various tools available online for getting best hashtags , like Hashtagify

and Keyword Tool.


  1. Creator or business profile : Make your Instagram profile compelling and

genuine, but easy to understand. You are inviting people to your world with this

bio, and this is the first step towards establishing your credentials as an

influencer. You can discuss interesting and true details about yourself to grab


Having a creator or business profile is important because it gives you access to

substantial information about your audience via analytics. You can keep track of

your audience with details on demographics and age groups, and analyse the

performance of your posts and you can post all your videos and photos



These were the tips and strategies to use the best of the Instagram as an Influencer .

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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