The King of all social media platforms, Facebook is always on the top of social media sites in all aspects. Facebook family is extended to Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook is very beneficial especially business.

There are few interesting facts about Facebook that you might didn’t knew.


1.8 billion Fake account on Facebook!

It was observed that there were total whopping 1.8 billion fake account on Facebook during the mid-quarter of 2021. As a result of such huge number of rising fake accounts, Facebook removed all those fake accounts from its platform.


Millennials dominate Facebook

Audience on Facebook constitute around 30% between the ages of 30-55. This shows that Facebook is widely used app among the millennials who prefer Facebook over other social media networks. The major reason why Facebook is so popular among the millennials is that Facebook is oldest social media network among the modern networks. They prefer Facebook than others as they have been using it since years and adapted to the changes Facebook offers.


India has highest Facebook users

Out of 2 billion daily active users of Facebook worldwide, 300 million comes from India alone!  The growing users on Facebook provide huge marketing opportunities for Facebook.


Most followed page on Facebook

Facebook’s own account is the most followed page on Facebook with over 215 million followers. Other most followed page include Samsung, Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid CF and Coca-Cola.


Advertising is the major source of revenue

Running advertisements on Facebook is the major source of revenue for Facebook where Facebook provides spaces for advertisement for big brands and even small business. Have you wondered why Facebook always bring out updates for business accounts? Well Facebook wants business accounts to function smoothly so that it can run advertisement campaign on Facebook. Business also benefit a lot with Facebook’s dominance on social networks. It’s a win-win solution!


Facebook once tried to buy Snapchat

Facebook is always known how to win over competition. As snapchat became very popular among the youth, Facebook in order to attract young audience offered to buy Snapchat in 2013. But snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel turn down the offer of $3 billion! But Facebook got one step ahead and introduced Instagram stories as a competition to snapchat and now its took over snapchat. Facebook always know how to deal with competition.


Videos are most shared content type

Videos are the widely used content type on Facebook. According to statistics, videos generate more engagement than other content type on Facebook. That is why many creators and business opt for sharing content on Facebook.


Learning about Facebook is always interesting as this social media is a huge network that always look for better and is always a step ahead of competitors. With introducing metaverse, Facebook will shape the social media platform to another level!



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