Google is the king of search engines. More than 90% of the world uses google to search for the latest news, visit websites and to search for things that satisfy our query. Whenever we have to find something on the internet, google is our go to help.

Let us look at some interesting facts about google to know it better


7 billion searches in a day!

There are more than 7 billion searches on google every day. This is a huge statistic that shows the dominance of google over the internet. It is also interesting to know that approximately 80,000 searches happen within a second!


90% of the revenue comes from advertising

When you look for something on google, you must have seen ads on top of the search result page. Google majorly earns from placing advertising. About 90% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising with Google Ads. Many businesses use the opportunity provided by google to place ads on search lists and reach a wider audience.


Google is derived from ‘googol’

Google was derived from the word ‘googol’ which is a mathematical term represented by numerals followed by hundred zeros. The name was like a metaphor for the infinite amount of data produced by search engines to show results.


Google homepage is available in 80 languages!

Google has realized the importance of multinational language speakers around the world. Google made it easier for everyone to use google. It removed the necessary language barrier so that people who don’t understand English can still know how to navigate google.


Google photographed 5 million miles of road

For its street view map, google has alone photographed a whopping 5 million miles of road across the world!


Google acquired many companies!

Google is not alone. The king of search engine google has many companies acquired under it. YouTube, Android, HTC phones, Nest, DoubleClick, etc. are some of the companies that Google has acquired over the years.



Google has over the years proven why it is the best search engine. It helps users to satisfy their queries with exceptional services and opportunity for business to reach a wider audience. Google influenced the lives of many people around the world.

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