There are multiple marketing channels that businesses use to target and reach potential customers. Digital marketing has opened up a new world for small businesses and big brands to establish their presence online.

The traditional marketing channel is slowly overtaken by types of digital marketing and hence it is important for business to adapt to the opportunities that online marketing provides.

The marketing era is changing and developing hence businesses need to understand the potential of some marketing channels in 2022 that we must be looking forward to.


Influencer marketing

The power of influencers on social media should not be ignored. Influencers on various social media have the power to influence the audience and purchase decision of the buyers. Different social media have different influencers that dominate that social media platform.

You can use influencers for marketing through sponsorship photos and videos or affiliate marketing in which influencers earn commission through coupons and codes on their name when any buyer purchases the product using their code.

Audiences look up to influencers hence it is necessary for business to consider influencer marketing as the core part of their marketing activities in 2022.


Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a type of free marketing based on customer’s satisfaction and interest in a product or service. It happens when customers take interest in a product due to likeness, satisfaction and popularity and they talk about it with friends, family and peers.

Word-of-mouth marketing should be focused to make your business high in trust, recognition and credibility. Many brands use twitter as a main source of spreading the talks about the product as people prefer twitter to talk about things and express their views there freely.

Business can spread the talks about the products or service using mediums like memes where any particular topic finds relatability with humor using lines from movies and series. People share memes more thus making your word-of-mouth marketing spread faster and reliable.

It is also advisable to use social issues as a part of word-of-mouth marketing as social issues are widely talked about content on social media where audiences want to express their views on social issues. But businesses must ensure that they use social issues with utmost care because they are sensitive issues and people must not get offended. One of the best examples of using social issues is Nike’s “FOR ONCE JUST DON’T DO IT” to urge people not to fall for racism.


Social media marketing

Many businesses don’t pay attention to the core part of digital marketing which is social media marketing. It is estimated that around 4.4 billion people use social media which is half of the world’s population. So it is essential for a business to establish their presence on different social media platforms. But businesses must analyze and learn the potential of different social media sites and what they can provide for business to reach different customers through different media. Read   to know how to choose right social media platform.


Nowadays many businesses look for evolving their marketing activities but couldn’t find the right channels. But in upcoming years what we learn in books won’t come to much use other than using creativity and innovative ideas to reach customers and most importantly being successful in influencing their purchase decision.

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