Marketing has evolved drastically over the last few years. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, the trends in marketing doesn’t seem to stop. Marketing on social media is whole different way to capture audience online. More than 4.5 billion people use social media daily which is approximately half of the world’s population. Attracting audience on social media requires different innovative and creative ideas in different possible ways so that it build interest of audience too.

The marketing techniques in social media doesn’t necessary has to be professional but also fun. Involving the trend with marketing on social media makes you different from competitors and builds curiosity among your audience.

Let’s look at the modern marketing techniques that the business use


Memes is the language the social media users understand very effectively. Many brands use memes while marketing and connecting with their customers on social media as memes is an interesting and fun way to market your brand. memes are funny and makes different aspect about the brand. You not only make your customers aware of your brand but also customers find personally connected with the brand. For marketing using memes you must know your audience. What audience you have at what age group.

Best example of marketing with memes is Netflix. They use funny memes as a mean to launch a new series to hype up the series and curiosity among audience. Netflix speak the language of the audience that is the prime reason why audience feel so connected with Netflix and loves it.

Meme used by Netflix to advertise the series ‘Money Heist’

Social issues:

Many brands have been successful in raising social issues with marketing. Using social issues has been great advantage for brands for not only raising concern about some serious issues but also building credibility and trust towards the brand.

Nike is one such brand that has been open in raising social issues since years. After the unfortunate murder of George Floyd in 2020, Nike came up with the campaign ‘For once, just don’t do it’ to educate people to come out and support black lives. Not to turn back on the racism which is a very serious concern.

Movies and series reference:

Many of us are movie and TV series buffs, aren’t we? We usually spend our free time in watching them. Brands know the love people have for movie and TV series that is why they use some famous lines from movies and TV series in marketing over social media. The lines from movies immediately catches the attention of the audiences.

Marketing on social media is not pre specific rules but it has flexibility to make the campaign adjust as per the audience interests. The use of memes, social issues, movie and TV series quotes helps to personally connect with customers.

When audience see them in marketing it helps them to remember the product better and for long. The audiences never forget the unique techniques which ultimately benefits your business.

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