Social media addiction is a real thing, just like any other addictions. Social media has become such a huge part of our daily lives that it becomes almost impossible to live without it. Our life depends on social media. How we communicate, how we work, how we expand business, how we take decisions, everything revolves around the usage of social media. But since social media is an integral part of our daily lives, it is easy for it to become an addiction. But how does even social media become an addiction if it is filled with goodness that changed the way things function.

Though social media has changed and developed how businesses could work, it has led to the addiction to other social media users. Adults and teenagers spend most of their time scrolling social media accounts, especially teens. Spending 9 hours a day on social media is counted as social media addiction.

Social media addiction is risky, as it can lead to depression especially in teenagers because teenagers spend most of their time on social media watching the latest fashion, latest trend on social media, favorite celebrities, etc.  Social media addiction is a psychological condition now that makes a person too much concerned about being on social media, their image in social media and posting every detail about private life and pressure to look good.


Symptoms of social media addiction may include strong urge to check social media accounts to check updates, hurrying up in tasks to get free time scrolling social media, anxiety when you couldn’t open social media accounts due to some reasons, loneliness, depression etc.

One of the worst effects of social media addiction is depression. Various studies have shown social media addiction leads to depression because people depend too much on it for everything. It destroys self-image. Many women are dissatisfied with their own body because exposure to perfect model bodies leads to eating disorders in achieving them. Teenagers want to follow the latest trends and celebrities, affecting their mental health.

So what can we do to reduce the social media addiction?

Since social media is an inherent part of our lives, how can we make sure not to make social media an addiction? The main thing to be done is reducing the screen time. Easier said than done, isn’t it. But that is a must step. You may get withdrawal symptoms in the form of anxiety, emptiness, headache but you have to take the necessary steps. Try indulging yourself in other activities like gym, cycling, swimming, walking, or anything you like to fill up the free time in other activities instead of scrolling social media.

Also remember, not everyone on social media is interested in what you post, where you go and what you do. Some may even be jealous of your achievements. Don’t post every moment on social media. The more you try to incorporate your personal life with social media, the more you will find drawing to it and become more addicted. Everything is good in limits. Make sure you don’t hamper your mental health in an attempt to follow trends.

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