Social media is all the websites and apps that help its users to connect and communicate with each other and share relevant content to the best interest of the community. Social media users exchange views, ideas, beliefs and information with other people. It also provides platforms to the business to find markets online.

Social media and people

Social media was introduced as the main purpose of connecting people from distance. Social media provides a platform to connect with friends and family who live across borders. To connect with various other people across the globe to exchange ideas and opinions. Social media also helped its users to make interpersonal relationships between people who never even thought could be able to communicate across borders. Social media opened the gate for the people to the world.

Social media also provides a platform for the users to share photos, long videos, short videos, thoughts, creativity, talent, basically anything, considering you choose the right platform to showcase your work. One of the reasons why social media is growing rapidly over the years is because of the easy accessibility to the people. Earlier social media was accessible only via computers but now social media is accessible in your hand! Through mobile phones. People can easily access social media without any hassle with their mobile phones. It is also easy to make content and share via mobile phones. Facebook was launched as a social media website but ever since apps started becoming popular it provides the opportunity for social media to function as apps which is much easier than visiting the website and login in and out every time. Facebook also took the opportunity and introduced its apps. Facebook, Facebook messenger and Facebook lite.

Social media and business

Social media now is not only limited to connecting people but also provides a platform for businesses to run their business online. It gave business a market to grow which was beyond their reach. Many businesses have taken advantage of social media to establish and expand their business to vast areas. It became easy for the business to connect with the potential customers to get their valuable opinion about the products and services and feedback. Since lately many businesses have successfully expanded their market base, social media also updated their platforms with several features for businesses to further grow and develop.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have developed paid advertisement features which allow businesses and creators to run advertisements as per the budget. Unlike the traditional advertisement, the paid advertisement of social media helps the business to place the advertisement as per the budget with various customization like geographical reach, gender, age etc. the customizations can narrow down as per the business want to reach the target customers effectively and efficiently.

Social media also provides various alternatives for the business to check how the content they post is working in the form of ‘insights’ where they can see the performance of the post.


Billions of people use social media all over the world to share content for personal and business purposes. Each social media platform has its own advantages and specializations. Users have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of available social media platforms.

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