The technological driven era has seen the drastic rise in social media audiences. Everyone you see around you must be on at least one social media platform. According to, there are 4.48% billion people actively using social media in the world. The rise of social media has come in advantage for businesses to advertise and build presence on social media. Even the small businesses can make use of social media in the best possible way in favor of building brand recognition not only locally but also across borders.

Let us see the how social media can be used an effective marketing tool


Wider audiences:

Social media demographics help businesses to understand where the customers belong to and where the popularity of the brand makes voice. Social media features also help businesses to where customers belong to, their age group and gender. This customer demographic can help businesses to advertise the products accordingly, share content that target the specific customers and drive them towards the account.

All in your budget!

Handing out pamphlets, billboards, advertisements etc. sounds very costly and tiresome right? But what if social media gives you marketing opportunities with less budget and less work? Yes, social media gives a lot of such opportunities to share your content and advertise the products in a pocket friendly way! You can use hashtags to spread your content more, build attractive content, make use of all the features in building your brand credibility and brand loyalty.

And not only is the free advertisement budget friendly, the paid advertisements of social media are also cost effective! Now you can advertise your product according to geographic location, gender, age group etc. all in your set budget. These paid advertisements have wider reach and are cost effective. The advertisement definitely reaches the target customers unlike the traditional advertisement where the majority of advertisement campaigns reach unwanted customers. For example, a teenage boy would not buy the advertised makeup brand. Not only are efforts wasted but also the cost spent on advertisement. Whereas in social media you can customize your ad among females and the social media circulate the post among women who search for makeup brands, watch makeup videos etc.


Connecting with customers:

Social media platforms give better opportunities to connect and engage with customers through comments, likes, and direct messages. Social media is a good platform to engage with customers to know what their preferences are and what is trending in the market. Connecting with customers on social media also helps to improve brand loyalty and credibility among customers.

Increase traffic to your website:

Linking your website with social media account can help you to direct traffic towards your website. Since the majority of people are on social media, the audiences who visit your social media account can be directed towards your website easily.

Using right social media platform:

There are hundreds of social media platforms available. Before marketing your product learn about all major social media platforms and in what way it can provide advantage for you. Facebook is the biggest social media platform with approximately 2 billion active users daily. Instagram is the next best social media which is a photo sharing app but now it has updated to so many best things that can help businesses to grow. LinkedIn is the business oriented social media platform that has potential for business to connect.


Social media has evolved over the years to make businesses connect with customers over social media. The presence of wide audiences over social media gives you the opportunity to create your brand presence online. It is necessary to know which social media platform is right for your type of industry so that you can target the right customers at the right time!


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