Instagram is currently the fastest growing app which has more than 500 daily active users globally. Instagram now provides so many features for the businesses to grow. Let’s take a look at a few features that will help you to multiply your followers.



Paid Advertisement:

You must have come across ‘sponsored’ posts while scrolling Instagram. Have you wondered why those posts are featured as ‘sponsored.’ It is because those are the paid advertisements by the concerned account. The goal of that paid advertisement was to target the audiences like you.

This feature is hands down the best feature that will guarantee you to increase your followers. This feature allows you to customize your advertisement as per geographical location, age group, reach count and also gender-wise all in your set budget! So many features in a single media to help you get the right audience. The advertised post will circulate among Instagram users and if they like the post then they will visit your profile and even follow you!

So in order to use paid advertisement, make sure your content is powerful enough to catch the attention of the audience because if your content is not good then the audience will not follow you even if it is under paid advertisement.

Paid advertisement goes hand in hand with attractive and unique content.


This another Instagram feature is very exemplary to grow your account. Reels is on an explore page which helps the user to reach more audience. The popularity of reels has made businesses and influencers grow their accounts at a fast pace. Instagram reels get more views than the regular Instagram videos and IGTV due to its presence on exploring page. The more views your reels get, the more people can visit your profile and help you to gain followers. Moreover, reels have better visibility as Instagram stores vanish after 24 hours but reels don’t.

Using right keywords:

searching for things you want on google is pretty easy and you have the option to convey as you want on the search icon and the keywords will take you to the end number of websites for you. People on Instagram have only two options to search for accounts- name and username. So in order to make keywords work for you on Instagram, you should include the required keywords in your name or username. For example a photographer named Greg Williams is on Instagram under username @gregwilliamsphotography. The appropriate keyword for his field, photography, is already in his username. So if people want to search for photographers, they won’t have difficulty in finding him.


If you use the above features properly, you will find an increase in your followers. But it doesn’t happen overnight so you have to be a little patient and consistent in your efforts.







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