A successful video can (and should!) inspire more creative ideas. However, if you simply repeat the same concept as before, your viewers may grow bored. Instead, you should remix that original idea into something new.

Here are a few tips for remixing your old video ideas.

1. Combine the original concept with a recent trend.

Every so often, a new video trend takes the platform by storm. Soon, it seems like everyone is posting their own version of it. Not only are they fun, but these videos can also bring in some serious traffic. However, a trend can quickly become oversaturated with too many videos that look the same.

You can make your take on a viral trend stand out by combining it with one of your previously successful video ideas.

2. Apply your initial idea to a new video format.

There’s no single formula for a successful YouTube video. Tutorials, hauls, music videos, challenges, and storytimes have all made their rounds on the trending page. So, you could easily take your original concept and apply it to a new format or style of video.

If you’re used to using the same video format all the time, step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

3. Collab with another creator so you can combine your video ideas.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. You can remix your viral video concept with another creator in order to create a video that’s twice as interesting. You’ll also get to combine your audiences for double the number of potential viewers.

If your collab goes well, you can repeat with a different partner. You can recycle your successful video ideas without straight-up reusing them. Use these strategies to remix your viral video concepts into fresh material for your channel.

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