Twitter is a very engaging and chatty platform where people love to talk, express opinions and interact with wide twitter community on various topics. While you have followers who come together to express their views on the content you share, sometimes it becomes difficult when your content on twitter doesn’t find right engagement. It is necessary for your post on twitter to be discussed and talked among twitter audience.

So what are the various ways to boost your twitter engagement?


Capture your audience when they are active

It is well known fact that capturing your audience when they are active is very important in performance of your tweet. If you just randomly post tweet any time it won’t find the required engagement. So if your audience is online most at a particular time, post tweet then often. You can even make your audience active at a particular time by generating curiosity of the upcoming content.


Interact in a trending topic

Every day twitter witness a trending topic which people talk about especially using the hashtags. When you interact with people under a particular trending topic, you get more visibility on twitter. The people who interact with you or read your opinions might also take a look at your twitter account. This can expand your twitter base and build more engagement.


Focus on visuals

Visuals like photos GIFs and videos stand out among the tweets. According to the statistics, visuals on twitter get more than 40% engagement than the regular tweets. So it is beneficial to include visuals on tweet to boost engagement. You can use your original images or images and GIFs available on twitter. Occasionally use them to make your tweet interesting and appealing to audience so that they talk about and retweet.


Interact using polls

Twitter polls are interesting and helps to boost engagement. Use polls to ask you audience questions or know their opinion. Businesses can run twitter polls to know how audience are satisfied with the products and services offered. Even creators can use many innovative ideas to interact with audience through polls in a fun way.

It is an easy way for audience to interact with your tweet without having to say anything and convey their feedback and for you to generate more engagement to your tweet.


The tips are crucial elements to boost your tweet engagement but apart from them, you can even develop your own innovative ways to boost your twitter engagement effectively. Think about how you can use different measures to boost your twitter engagement.

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