Youtube live is the most authentic and effective way to engage with your audience virtually. It feels energetic due to the live audience and also helps the audience to know the virtual(but the real) side of you. YouTube Live offers you a chance to reach your viewers in real time. You can use the opportunity to talk to your audience or spice it up with an interactive live show that will both engage your existing audience and draw new audiences. 

Here are 2 fresh ideas for the next time you hit up YouTube Live. 

Host a Youtube live getaway : 

People are motivated by incentives. We reviewed several livestream playlists and found the videos that contained a giveaway had increased amounts of viewership in comparison to the others. 

To host a successful giveaway, it’s important to establish your goals and have a clear plan to follow. First, choose your giveaway. From free merch to a channel feature, select something that you know will appeal to your audience. Pick a date for your live and be sure to announce and promote the giveaway on your social media ahead of time – we recommend no more than 2 weeks but no less than 48 hours. 

Promoting in advance also helps you attract new people to your channel. Let your audience know how to enter as well as how a winner will be chosen. You can use the comments section of the livestream to ask your viewers to place their entry. Picking a winner can be done in several ways but to remain completely unbiased in the results, we recommend using a randomized comment picker.

Plan a Youtube live Q&A with a guest : 

Reaching out to fellow creators within your niche to do a Q&A can be mutually beneficial as it opens doors for followers from their channel to discover yours and vice versa. Q&A’s have always been a popular livestream strategy but adding in a new guest to collab with adds the extra element that will increase viewership and help you gain new fans. 

Identify creators you would be excited to have on your channel. Doing a Live with somebody you are excited about will show through your energy and make for a successful live! Once you have your leads, reach out to them the old fashion way and slide into those DMs. Once you establish a connection with them, let them know why you reached out and how it can benefit them. Decide on a date and like the giveaway, promote early. You can invite people to submit their questions via social media prior to the livestream or use the comment section to answer in real-time. Have fun and use it as an opportunity to engage with your audiences.   

No matter which livestream idea you try, get creative and make it your own. Be sure to thank everyone who attends at the end of the video and remind those who are new to like and subscribe! 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog.

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