YouTube removed the dislike button on its app where users could vote for dislike when they didn’t like a particular video. Currently YouTube has the option to see the number of likes on a video and comments on them. But YouTube removed how many people dislike a video. Only creators can see the amount of dislikes on their video. The dislike button doesn’t go away completely, only the counts are hidden.

But why was the need to remove the dislike count from YouTube?

YouTube strives to make a respectful and peaceful environment for the creators who work hard to create content for YouTube. It was necessary on the part of YouTube to protect the creators from the harassment and negativity of the haters towards the creators whose goals are just to demotivate and humiliate the creators to stop growing and achieving.

On the other hand, some viewers find it hard to accept the hidden dislike count. They feel that removing the dislike count will not help to warn other people about the non-competency and irrelevant content.

As for the creators, this step helped them a great deal to feel safe and respected in the YouTube community where they can freely express themselves and create engaging, attractive and relevant content on YouTube.

YouTube made it clear that it wants to protect the small creators too who just started their YouTube journey. Many felt that they were attacked unnecessarily with dislikes in order to stop creating content. Creators can see the number of dislikes and other metrics and insights as they were able to see before.

Even though this removal of dislike was the first one of the experiments YouTube is conducting, there are many such tests going to be run on YouTube to check the results of the experiments planned by YouTube. So don’t be shocked when you see a sudden change in any feature of YouTube. It might be one of the experiments run by YouTube.

Among the top social media platforms around the world, YouTube is aiming to offer a safe and respectful environment for both creators and viewers in future.

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