Are you on facebook and thinking about making a successful business

page that will out-scale your business portfolio and want to make your

business models reach to new heights ? Why isn’t your Facebook page

booming? Or is it that you need better tips and strategy to build a

successful business page on facebook?

With over a billion daily active users, there’s definitely room to grow your

business using Facebook. Update your approach and set yourself up for

social media marketing success.

Here are some tips and best strategies to create a successful Facebook

business page:



1.Optimize your cover photo :

This is one of the most important aspects for building a better facebook

business page . It’s the largest element of your business page that your

customers and clients are going to observe and the fate of your

marketing metrics is also going to decide upon this.

A best profile picture defines the type of your business and it is the only

aspect which engages with your audience and customers and makes

them enter your page .

It should offer something fun, exciting, or engaging to keep users on the


Adding text to your cover photo gives you room to write a headline and

inform visitors about something else to act as a separate call-to-action.

Not to mention, you can say a little more in the caption to get visitors to

click through to your website with a link.


2.Make your “About” Section Captivating :

The About section is the only section that the customers/audience is

going to give most of their interests upon . This section must tell almost

everything about your business . How you incorporate with your

audience , how you engage with them , what support you are providing

to them , the offers you are providing and many more such things .


Keep your “about” section short and sweet. This section used to display

at the top of the page, but now your followers must click through to read it.


Add keywords that identify your audience , industry, and/or product

offerings in your summary to give users a better picture of your

company, and always add a link back to your website.

This will help you to maintain a better picture and impressions about

your business and will place it on top among your competitors .


3.Promote Your Page :

There are , in fact , a number of ways by which you can promote your

business page and get better outputs, good engagement rates and high

number of impressions.

You can promote your business page through Facebook with paid

advertising that can be adapted to a specific location, set of interests,

and pages users have liked.

You can also use more subtle ways to promote your page such as

adding a Facebook “like” box via plugin to your website and linking to

your Facebook business page in any bio, email signature, and relevant

places you share content across the internet.

You can also invite your current friends from your community list to come

to your page and tell them to invite 5 of their extra friends to like , share

and engage with your business products . In this way , you can build a

chain of people to increase traffic on your page.


4. Post Contents Regularly :

One of the most Important and Key aspects to maintain a better

facebook business page is to be consistent about posting your contents

regularly . By posting regular social media contents , you can engage

more beautifully with your audience . You can give them a better

perspective about your products , showcase their talents and increase

your marketing metrics overtime .

Give your facebook business audience a steady stream of consistent,

quality, and related posts on a daily basis. Content doesn’t just have to

be a post, it can be photos, videos, blog posts, and other popular content

you can find that relates to your audience or your niche. People want

excitement (something worth talking about), so stay away from anything

vague or just plain boring.


5.Integrate your Instagram :

This is also one of the important aspects of building a reputed facebook

business page .

By integrating your Instagram account allows you to take the photos

you’ve already posted and share them on your Facebook business page.

The great thing about this is that you can share them directly from the

Instagram app by clicking “Share” and choosing Facebook from the

menu on a particular photo. It even borrows your caption, so no need to

write a new one.


6.Publish Likeable Contents :

The trick that the most of the business pages on facebook became a

huge success is the massive likeable contents that they post everyday

consistently. This is not rocket-science .

But how does it work? All social media websites are different, but there

is definitely an “informal” air about Facebook .Give your facebook business audience something to grab onto by

answering your audience’s needs with fresh content by keeping best

copywriting practises in mind.

This is the trick that most people follow to increase their engagement

ratios of the contents.


7.Adapt for Engagement :

If the content is King , then , Post engagement ratio is the crown for your


It’s not about more likes or more fans, it’s about engagement. Remedy

post reach issues by adapting your content to engage your biggest fans,

even if they are few in number in the beginning.

The more fans that are liking, commenting, and engaging with your

content, the more reach you’re likely to receive with each post. Posts

that get more engagement on Facebook tend to appear toward the top of

the algorithm and show up in more users’ news feeds .

Don’t forget to reply to the audience’s comments, and keep the

conversation going. This helps build trust and loyalty with past and

potential customers and make them come again and again to your page.


8.Call – to – action :

This is the most useful and essential tool to induce and invoke a better

response with your customers and audience .

There are many opportunities to add a Call-to-Action :

There is a Call-to-Action (CTA) button embedded at the top of your

business page . You can use it to link it to whatever page you are trying

to promote, so make the button speak to the page link.

In addition, it’s good social media marketing practice to add a

Call-to-Action with a link back to your website from Cover Photos, ProfilePhotos, and other photos found throughout your page for a higher

click-through rate and more successful Facebook business page.



9.Target customers with Ads :

Facebook is a great place to build a better and large audience by

promoting your customers ,especially by running Ads. With the help of

Ads , you can advertise your sales , funnels , marketing campaigns and

contents you may like .

You can now post multi-product ads from the Ads Manager that are

impressive and easy to view on both computers and mobile devices.

Using dynamic product ads helps you target customers based on a

specific page they’ve previously visited.

These useful and essential Ads funnel methods will help you to

sky-rocket your business sales by helping you to scale your business

products to potential customers and target audience .


10.Conduct events :

Conducting events and funnels is also one of the most effective methods

to help you to reach your products to most of the targeted audience in

your specific niche.

An effective way to directly connect with the people who follow your

page is to send them an invitation to an event. An event can be a

discount, sale, or in-person opportunity that’s made exclusively for your

Facebook audience. The invitation and updates (if accepted) will show

up directly in their notifications, which is a great way to create a

response. You can set up an event well in advance to get your Facebook

community talking and engaging before it ever begins.


These were the 10 Strategic and useful tips that you can also follow to

outscale your business metrics with the help of facebook business page.

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