Who isn’t on social media, isn’t it? Everyone you come across must have a social media account on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, the big three of social media as you can call it. You might want to keep up with the trend or follow your favorite brand to see the latest arrival or you want to explore the world with your small screen. You may want to upload your latest picture on Instagram or see what your favorite celebrities are up to. You want to tweet your thoughts or tweet about what’s happening around. You want to watch videos on YouTube from your favorite channel. Social media has everything you want in it. But even after having everything and being happy to use social media, why is there a feeling of loneliness and depression?





Well because what happens is that when you use too much of social media, you devote your time only to a particular thing. Most of your time is spent on social media where you don’t find enough time to engage in other activities. Spending too much time on social media may hamper your relationships, with friends, family, peers etc. You become detached from everything and everyone into your own world of social media which makes you alienated from other people around you. You may like to connect to people across boundaries, share views and develop bonding but in the process of connecting people globally over social media you disconnect from real people around you. Your relationships hamper because you give more time to those people beyond your screen rather than real time people around you. You become stressed and feel lonely.

Mental health is also very important. If physical health is a car then mental health is fuel, without fuel a car cannot function. Reduce your screen time to avoid eye strain, migraine, stress and other mental strains



There’s also a drawback on physical health as well. Sitting in front of your mobile or computer screen can make you obese. Studies show teenagers have become prone to major health issues due to lack of physical activities and more social media time. And not only teenagers but even adults become lazier, lethargic, lonely, depressed and subject to migraines, nausea and eye pain. Teenagers particularly have to be focused more because it is their growing years and this period requires proper physical activities. Not only about growth but concern also divert towards the trend that the teenagers are always keen to follow. They spend too much time on social media to follow the latest trends that worsen their academic progress. And not only teenagers but even adults have seen decline in productivity due to increased screen time over social media.

Remember it is very important for a human body to engage in physical activities to function properly. Adjust your screen time in proportionate to other physical activities so that you can balance your time to social media as well as other activities. Otherwise it will keep on making you unproductive and lazy.

Of course social media is not a bad thing. It helps many people to create content, businesses to grow and helps people to connect with their loved ones far from them. But there’s a saying that too much sweetness may cause diabetes. Spending your entire time on social media can cause many mental and physical problems you may not be aware of. We know how important it is to be on social media nowadays. So spend your time wisely.



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