There is no denying that Video Marketing is growing at a very fast rate and people spending more time on digital platforms makes it more Popular. Digital platforms like Tiktok,Facebook,Instagram and Youtube have Billions of active users and promoting your contents/brands on these huge platforms is an awesome chance for any individual to stand out from the rest of the crowd and to show your talent.

Every Individual can gain an exceptionally great amount of followers and can earn money through it as well. Creating a YouTube channel might be the best place to promote your brand as individuals spend one billion hours each day watching videos on this platform.

So here are the best ways through which you can grow your Youtube channel :


1.Use only one keyword for your video

Building your video around a single topic or keyword is the best way to drive traffic and grow your YouTube audience. In this way , the Youtube algorithm will get more leverage and there is a much higher chance for your videos to rank top in the search results.

2.Deliver passionate and top-performing contents

The most important strategy that most great Youtubers follow is

that they consistently stick to their contents and provide best

value to their existing subscribers. Remember , “Content is

the King”.Research your topics on the Internet and gather

superb amounts of information from it and deliver it to yoursubscribers with best story-telling skills to attain massive

attention from the audience .So, show your best Content and

provide the best value to your subscriber.


3.Engage Timely with your Audience :

After delivering your content , do remember to engage with your audience as well

. Asking Questions about your Videos , asking them what

kind of contents they want to watch , drawing polls and what

are their views/sayings on the previous videos is the best

engaging skill you can do for your audience . YouTube

rewards channels with great engagement, including overall

time spent on channel, watch time, likes and dislikes, and

most importantly, comments. So try to respond to every

comment you receive (if possible!) and encourage users to

engage with audio/visual prompts.



4.Maintain a good audio quality :

If your Content is the king ,remember that your video’s audio is the Crown. Invest some

time on making your video’s audio better and more

impressive so that the audience gets a better understanding

about your videos and in that way you may get more likes ,

comments , shares and your video engagements will grow

much higher . Use noise cancellation skills and audio filters

to remove the unnecessary background noises to make your

engagement better.


5.Promote your Videos on other Social media platforms:

Only uploading your videos on Youtube is not the only thing ,

in order to reach a larger audience and to boost your

engagement ratio , you need to post it on your other Socialmedia platforms as well. Twitter , Instagram , facebook and

Linkedin are the best Platforms to share your contents for

getting more likes and shares.


6.Post Great and attractive Youtube thumbnails :

Uploading great and engaging videos will not increase your

viewership if you do not post great and attractive Thumbnails

. Great thumbnails attract the viewers and make them

instantly click on your video , thus increasing your view count

and watch time. But, remember not to post click-bait on your

videos . Post genuine thumbnails and photos and improvise

those thumbnails with help of Photoshop or other softwares

to make it more attractive and catchy.


7. Ask for subscribers :

Always , at the end of your video ask every viewer to subscribe to your video . Showing some emotions provides them the reasons and the purpose to subscribe to you. People will only subscribe to your channel if they will get great value and content everyday when you post your video , so focus on that as well.


8.Be consistent :

Now the last tip that I want to give you is to be consistent with your viewers . Fix any specific Time and commit your viewers that you will post your video within/on that specific time slot consistently.

Some Youtubers post their videos only on friday while some everyday while some only on tuesdays and fridays . So , commit to them that you will post your videos on the committed time and always be consistent on uploading your Youtube videos .


So , these were the most Important tips and strategies for gaining insane viewership on your Youtube channel . I know that if you follow these strategies , your youtube channel viewership will increase insanely and you will see awesome results in the watch count of your videos.

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