TikTok is latest trending app on social media. Ever since it launched in 2016, it took social media by storm. This short video making app inspired many people to showcase their creative talent on TikTok. There are many people got fame from TikTok.

Do you know that TikTok was earlier named as musically? Yes TikTok was once named as musically but later revamped into TikTok.

But unlike YouTube, TikTok doesn’t have medium to earn thorough the app. YouTube creators can earn from monetization program called YouTube partner program but TikTok doesn’t have monetization yet.

But TikTokers do have other medium to earn money.

 Since TikTok is really beneficial for business to target large audience due to its popularity, TikTokers also get opportunity to earn.


From sponsorship and paid ads

To make money on TikTok, you first have to be famous. You must put out content that makes difference and attract audience towards you. Once you establish an audience around your content and they love your content on TikTok, you will also attract various businesses towards you for advertisement. Many businesses will approach you for advertising their products or services on your TikTok content. Many famous TikTokers use creative ideas to incorporate advertisement. Audience too completely trust the taste and preference of TikTok influencers.


Affiliate marketing

Another way to earn from TikTok is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, business approach you and give you an independent coupon code or link, if anyone use your code to make purchase of the advertised product, you will receive commission. This is another way to earn from TikTok.


Music trends

One of the popular trends that people see on TikTok is music. I’m sure you must have heard many trending music on social media platforms. Most of the trending music come from TikTok. Promoting music is also another way of earning from TikTok because many music artist approach such famous influencers on TikTok to promote their music by incorporating the music in their content. Who knows you might be the one to make a music trend!



You can also earn by merchandizing your own brand. Yes you can earn by producing your own merchandizing products and promoting it on your TikTok and across other various social media networks. In this way you won’t be just limited to being an influencer, but also an entrepreneur!

Making money on TikTok first require you to be already established and famous. You have to attract people with your unique content that people like. When audience are attracted to your content, businesses will ultimately find you.

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