Creating videos for YouTube requires a lot of hard work and innovative ideas to establish your presence in the audience’s hearts. YouTube always manages to provide an opportunity driven platform for the creators that also strive to protect the rights of it’s creators.

But in the attempt to make quality content, YouTubers make certain mistakes that can hinder their reputation. There are certain mistakes that some YouTubers often commit.

To avoid any mistakes as a beginner, you must learn what mistakes YouTubers often commit that you should keep in mind.

Unattractive thumbnail

Thumbnails are the quick snapshot of the video. It helps the viewer to see what kind of content you are providing just by looking at it from outside. Thumbnail should be attractive enough to catch viewer’s attention quickly as they browse for endless YouTube videos.

Many beginners don’t realize the importance of a good thumbnail. Thumbnail can be anything, from a snapshot of your video to a picture edited especially for thumbnail. It gives a gist of your video in a picture. When viewers browse YouTube videos, they judge on the basis of thumbnails too because not all viewers have time to watch an endless number of videos. Hence paying attention to a good thumbnail is essential.

Bad clickbait thumbnail

It has been often seen that many YouTubers use fake clickbait thumbnails to increase their views. It is very unethical to use fake scenarios to catch the viewers’ attention. Many times when viewers click on the video only to find irrelevant content and nothing related to the thumbnail. Never use fake clickbait thumbnails to increase the views. Such a thumbnail may increase the views but it destroys the reputation of your YouTube channel.

Dive into multiple content

Many YouTubers try their hands on diverse content on YouTube. This is a huge mistake that YouTubers make. To be successful on YouTube, you should stick to a particular theme.

Make content around that theme. This way it will be easier for you to stick to a particular content and work on it. Your audience will be able to find you easily. Otherwise the diversified content will make your audience confuse the type of content you offer.

Not adding subtitles

Doesn’t it make you wonder if you could have subtitles under some videos? Ever since YouTube introduced the subtitles option, it’s been easier to understand some videos. Adding subtitles on your videos actually helps you a lot. You can find foreign audiences to your videos who can understand your content by reading the subtitles.

One such good example is Chef Ranveer Brar’s channel. His videos have English subtitles and many foreign audiences also watch his videos. His videos also help those foreign audiences who wish to learn Indian cuisine.



Mistakes are an inevitable part of our life. It’s ok to make mistakes. Especially as a beginner when you don’t have much knowledge, mistakes can happen. What’s important is to learn from your mistakes and grow.

The fear of establishing your presence is normal. Just have patience and keep making YouTube videos.

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