Social media has changed the way we work. Not only changed the way work but how we connect with people. We use social media to connect even with person near us. Social media for business has transformed the marketing activities to reach out people. There are different social media platforms for different purposes, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage the activities of all platforms.

1) Making content for each social media platform is a strenuous task as each social media platform serve different purpose and making different content for each of them require time, efforts and lot of creativity. Making attractive advertisement content to attract young audience on Instagram and snapchat and for older audience on Facebook will require innovative ideas to differentiate the attracting tactics as per the audience type. That is why many brand hire employees in marketing department especially for digital marketing.

2) Many business face problems in developing social media marketing strategy due to lack of knowledge about social media platform and how they work. Many business fail to understand that their industry type may require different social media marketing strategy as the strategies doesn’t work same for every industry. A restaurant or fast food service may not find success in Facebook or Instagram because people do not rake decision of what to eat by using social media platform. That is why it is must for restaurants to engage in increasing their reviews in food delivery apps.


3) Lack of creativity in developing content is another problem in managing social media. As the retention rate of human is low, it is difficult to hold audience with same content. Content marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing and hence it is necessary to be in line with the best content online.

4) As many people use social media, audience choose to use social media to express any query and it is seen that many business fail to response to customer query over social media. This pose as a problem for business who lose their customer base and customer loyalty towards business.


Managing social media platforms is tough but once reap the benefits of social media you will realize that how helpful social media is to reach out to thousands of people online for your content and business.


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