When we are starting something new , it’s quite often to commit some

mistakes that could lead us to dire consequences but we all need to

learn from those mistakes . Similarly , after starting a channel , new

youtubers also make big mistakes , but it’s more important how to fix

those mistakes and not repeat those mistakes for long .


Being new on YouTube can be daunting, but here I’ve listed a few tips

for you to place your channel on a better track for growth!

So here are the most common and big mistakes that many of the new

youtubers make on their journey that you should learn from.


1.Copying any other Youtube Creator :

It is the most common mistake that many of the new creators make while

being a very newbie on the platform . A new YouTube creator may be

inspired to create content by watching their favorite creator. However, a

common mistake new YouTuber creators make is copying their favorite

creator’s ideas.

While these may be admirable traits, copying another creator will not

lead to success and will not improve your creativity skills.This will only

make you to copy the crowd and will limit your independent thinking and

you will no longer think for yourself , thus , no new ideas and concepts

will pop into your mind .



Put your own personal spin on content instead of recreating the same

ideas from other creators. Use these inspiring ideas and add your own

unique angle that showcases your style and personality. For example, if

you are inspired by financial advice videos, instead of using the sametopics and tips as other creators, draw from your own experiences with

money and offer tips no other creator has shared. Viewers will learn you

offer new ideas instead of recycling what other creators share and be

more drawn to your content.


2.NOT Investing in your Channel :

This is also one of the most common mistakes that new youtubers make.

Investment is the most important financial asset that will yield maximum

returns to yourself. Investing in your Youtube channel is very important ,

as it will help you to outscale many of your profits and will help your

channel to outperform more better in this tough competition .

Investing is not only a reference to the money , but it’s also related to the

energy which is required .



This can mean inconsistent uploads, poor quality videos, not reading the

analytics, or even responding to comments. Without prioritizing your

channel, how will it grow and become successful?

Even with a small channel, your role as a creator has to be a priority.

While it is ideal to keep your day job before your channel makes

comparable earnings, you still need to devote time and energy to be able

to grow your channel to that size. Block out time in your schedule every

day to brainstorm video ideas, film videos, edit, and upload. Staying

consistent with content uploads will keep the algorithm in your favor.

Also, make time to study your analytics regularly and respond to

comments. You will build reliability and credibility with your audience by

investing in your channel.


3.Do not give TOO much Content Variety :

The most common mistakes that most youtubers make while starting out

new is that they are in the quest for making and delivering too much

content simultaneously . By giving too much content and not focusing on

any one niche or topic that you are perfect at , can make you lose the

track of your audience engagement rates and this will lead to the poor

performance of your Youtube metrics and analytics .

Only focus on delivering a solid piece of content and not on too many

varieties of topics .

When you are a new Youtuber , you may have lots of ideas and produce

content of all different genres. While diversity can be good, not having a

clear theme for your channel can confuse viewers and discourage them

to subscribe.

Pick a niche that you are passionate about and will be able to create

regular content about. Your niche should be specific but broad enough to

create new ideas consistently. For example, college basketball is distinct

enough to pinpoint a loyal audience yet broad enough to generate

endless video ideas.


4.NOT Believing in your Content :

This is the most common mistake that most new youtubers make .

They do not believe that their youtube videos will perform well or not or

they do not know whether they are making the right content or not .

Self-belief is the first step to start anything new and it strives us to take

actions that are very much subjective .Sometimes new creators feel insecure about sharing their thoughts or

ideas on the internet or feel untalented compared to popular creators in

their niche. This can lead to scrapping ideas and videos out of insecurity

that could have been successful.


Learn to work past feelings of insecurity and believe in yourself and your

content. Only compare your content to other creators in a constructive

way that will leave you with new ideas and inspiration. Remember, not

every creator, even the popular ones, are fully confident in every video

they upload. It is normal as a creator, but do not let this stop you from

uploading or taking risks.


So these were the top 4 Big mistakes that new creators make while

delivering their contents on to the social media platform .

I hope that you have learned something valuable and helpful today .

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